Our neighbor’s damaged paintings ruined our lives.

Since my wife and I recently moved, we have not necessarily been close to our neighbors. For decades, people who have lived here have not been amicable. We have one neighbor named Lilith, who has long nails, curly hair, and dark makeup regardless of the time of day.

We have a six-year-old son. He found friends on the playground, and he started playing with them. Their favorite game is hide-and-seek at the entrance to the building. And when it rains, they sit on the steps and tell horror stories to each other.”

Our neighbor, the witch, underwent renovations and took old furniture and paintings to the stairwell of the apartment building. I cannot understand why the old items did not just go in the bin at once, since they were terrible. Of course, everyone has a different choice of decoration and style.

There was once a time when the boys played tag in the driveway. Broken glass was heard, and the kids gathered outside the windows at the entrance when suddenly a loud sound of broken glass broke apart.

It took ten minutes for the doorbell to ring. It was Lilith. She began yelling that my son had smashed her paintings, which were covered in glass, and broken glass damaged the canvas. The images were worth at least twelve thousand dollars each. So, she had to be reimbursed for the damage.

I decided to talk with my son about it. We taught him to be honest no matter what because it is imperative to preserve his integrity. He denied his fault, and I believe him. I spoke to a neighbor and said that the child said he was not guilty. He said that no one caught him red-handed and that there weren’t any cameras to prove his guilt. Therefore, no money needs to be reimbursed.

Lilith, since then, has been causing a lot of trouble for us. She has stained our doors with strange liquids, including tainted milk and urine. She has flung cat feces near the doormat. And at times, she has brought me recordings of her calling out to a crying child. My wife is overly sensitive to such things and goes to check every time the child cries and needs to be helped.

She seems to have been using black magic on my wife and me in the form of black feathers, hair cups, animal teeth, and plasticine figures that resembled our faces. I no longer know what to think or what to understand such behavior anymore. Maybe I was right about our first meeting with her. Should I move from where I live to another one to protect my family?

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Our neighbor’s damaged paintings ruined our lives.