Parents frugally provided for their daughter’s and son-in-law’s futures, but they didn’t like it

Dan and Tiffany just got married. They’re both over 25, and this is their first marriage.

In the past, the couple didn’t plan to start a family. However, they decided to get married after dating for a while.

Even though they had more or less average incomes, their parents paid for the wedding. Most of the money was given to them by Tiffany’s parents.

The newlyweds used their parents’ money to fly on a luxurious trip for their honeymoon. They were on vacation for three weeks and had a blast. But then the question arose as to where they would live when they got back home. They didn’t want to rent an apartment or a house so they wouldn’t waste their money. Their paychecks were too small at the time to buy a home, so their parents offered to let them live in their condo.

The newlyweds needed to come back from their honeymoon. But they wanted to have an unforgettable honeymoon and refused to return. They had no place to return once it ended because they didn’t have a place to call their own.

Tiffany’s parents agreed that Tiffany and her husband should live with them. They owned a 3-room condo, so the parents could say that there was enough room for everyone.

With the money they had saved up, they decided to buy an apartment to have a home soon, but they still had to work full-time to provide for their needs.

Tiffany’s parents were not worried at first. Dan’s parents also offered to help financially. But newlyweds have to pay for utilities, food, and housing. And this isn’t cheap.

Tiffany’s parents were neither oligarchs nor businessmen, so their salaries were low. They made enough to support themselves but not enough to keep Tiffany’s family.

Because of that, their parents didn’t have much money. They saved on sugar and salt and pointed out when someone drank more milk or juice than they should have. The water and light were turned off at the right time to save money on water and electric bills. In addition, they had to eat porridge and soup to avoid spending money on food for both families. It didn’t bother anyone at first. Everything was fine. But soon, Tiffany and her husband rebelled. They wanted a more luxurious life. They aren’t used to being frugal.

Tiffany’s mom saw Dan fight with their daughter one day. He made claims and made harsh remarks about his mother-in-law and father-in-law. In response, she told him not to yell so loudly.

The problem was that it was too late. The parents had a lot of arguments with the young couple. They were shocked at how ungrateful they were.

Tiffany’s parents asked her and her husband to leave at the same time. It may be helpful for them to move in with Dan’s parents. They have a private home, and it’s not a problem that it’s too far from the city. However, their house has more space, and their salaries are higher. I hope they are aware of the attitudes that Dan and Tiffany have.

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Parents frugally provided for their daughter’s and son-in-law’s futures, but they didn’t like it