Please don’t leave me here, Dad!

I met a charming woman who immediately stole my heart. She didn’t have a husband. He left her when she was still pregnant, and she has had a sweet daughter ever since. I ignored it since I wasn’t sure if we’d date. Then we started dating, and we met more often. She never spoke of her daughter after I picked her up from work and drove her to a coffee shop. I decided to invite everyone to the zoo together so we could get to know each other better and make an excellent first impression.

Maria said her daughter was too young for that. It took me a little while to figure out, but she looked nine months old. I was stunned at how Maria handled everything herself. Holding the baby in my arms, I felt my heart melt.

We moved in together after a while. Then I brought Maria and Izzy to me. I raised the girl as if she were my own; everything worked well for us. Her first word was “Da-Da!” when she was a year old.

The moment was special to me because she called me her dad.

During the past six years, a lot has happened. My daughter just started first grade already. Due to Maria’s good job and her promotion, she rarely stayed home, so I spent more time with Izzy. Maria’s earnings were impressive. Nevertheless, I ignored her absence because I believed she had a lot of responsibilities at work.

We walked grocery shopping one day, and on the way back, Izzy and I stopped at our favorite cafe. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Maria sat at the table, holding a man’s hand and getting kissed. I left because I didn’t know what to do. The following day, I took Izzy to school and then thought it would be a good idea to take a video to a cafe to document her betrayal. The next day, I happened to talk to Maria first and then showed her the video.

Maria told me: “Our relationship lost its spark, so I’m dating someone else. I didn’t want it to work out that way because you always help me with my daughter, but she’s grown up enough now. We’re breaking up. I don’t need anything from you; Izzy will be with me. She wouldn’t give up her mother for you.” Maria headed to work.

In a few days, Maria’s newly-acquired boyfriend came to visit us. He was not happy that her daughter would live with them. He was not interested; he did not even ask what the girl’s name was. Maria decided to explain to Izzy the whole new situation.

There are times when people aren’t meant to be together. That’s why your dad and I are splitting up. But you’ll have a new dad, and his name is Vincent.

She cried, ran up to me, hugged me, and said, “Don’t leave me!”

Holding her close to me, I promised her I would not give her to anyone. Izzy fell asleep after a while. Seeing all this, Vincent went outside to smoke.

Then Maria said, “You know, I can’t have children. I’m infertile. This is my sister’s daughter, who died in childbirth. When she died, she asked me to find a good family for Izzy so that she would be safe. The way you care for Izzy makes me happy, and I trust you. I can leave Izzy with you; I’ll take care of everything.

I realized again that life is a movie. I decided to live with my adopted daughter together. I am her father; everything else makes no difference …


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Please don’t leave me here, Dad!