Seven years since I left my loser husband

Often, we fail to see a person’s main qualities. It has now become clear to me. I have learned from life. Yes, I have a wealthy man, although he rarely notices me. Also, I have a spoiled six-year-old son. The boy isn’t rude to his dad, but he doesn’t often see me as a human being. It could have been so different seven years ago.

How do I feel about what I did? While I am still shocked, learning from my experience will benefit you. Learning from others’ mistakes is always the best way to improve. And so, let me share my story with you:

“I left my husband seven years ago because he was a quiet, ordinary man who barely earned anything. We didn’t have enough money to buy anything but food and rent. I didn’t want to live like that anymore.

I rarely go to the salon or have my nails or hair done. I never got to see him because he was always working. Over time he turned into a pessimist bore. After a while, his thinking no longer appealed to me. Despite my complaints, he did not change. I no longer recognized the cheerful, joyful, promising young man I met at the university. That was the end of that chapter in my life.

The anniversary of our wedding was supposed to be celebrated today. It has been seven years since I last saw my ex-husband. I drove to the bank with my husband and son to get a loan. I could not get my husband to listen to me, and my son shouted for a new tablet. And then I saw my ex-husband. He wore an expensive suit and designer shoes, and his badge displayed that he was a bank director. My ex appeared to be as confident, cheerful, and handsome as before.

It was as if I had been struck by lightning at that moment. Even though he did not look at me, his expression showed that he recognized me. There may have been a reason for this. Maybe he didn’t want to embarrass me, or if I hurt his feelings, he wanted me to regret what I did.

We divorced a long time ago, so he wasn’t obligated to do anything. I was the one feeling sorry, of course. And I was surprised.

My ex-husband left the room as soon as he had finished speaking. I noticed a beautiful smiling girl hugging him as I looked out the window. It appears that she bought him lunch. He met someone who was just like him, cheerful and bright. The ring on her hand sparkled with diamonds. They decided to get married.

I suddenly realized what had happened. Maybe I failed to support him in all his endeavors, so he was unsuccessful. Perhaps he stopped exuding joy because I had drained him of energy. Possibly he wasn’t as successful as he wanted to be because he felt there was no point in it. He may have thought I only wanted his money whenever I was around.

The sincere and kind soul of that man was traded for a wallet. Things could have turned out differently for me. Consequently, I have now learned to appreciate people’s souls and learn from my mistakes. This is because the appearance and the salary can easily be fixed.

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Seven years since I left my loser husband