Share the toy when you take it outside

Since we live in an apartment, my son and I like to go for many walks outdoors. We like going to some of the playgrounds near our apartment building. I would describe Sam as being attached to his toys. Despite this, he is capable of sharing them. However, I am here to assist him in understanding what things he may or may not transfer, depending on his wishes. After all, no one owes anyone anything.

Of course, I explain to Sam he can’t take and demand things if the owner does not allow it. There’s a small, cozy playground near our house. So, we went over there. There were a lot of children walking. It was a beautiful day, and Sam wanted to drive his toy car to the garden. During his godparents’ recent visit, they gave him this unique gift that he can now go on the sidewalk all by himself.

The kids were so excited at the park. I’m usually not the one to get involved in arguments between children. So, I sat on a bench nearby and watched the kids fight.

Initially, my son was happy to share his toy car with other children and even allowed them to drive it. However, when the children started fighting over it and kicking it, he took it back and said he would not share it again.

One of the boys demanded Sam to hand over the car to him. As I watched the mother approaching the children, I was naive enough to think that she would give her son a lesson and perhaps take him away. But in fact, this mother decided to have a thorough conversation with my son.

She told my son, “If you have already gotten this toy out there, you should share it with another kid.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed the car and my son, telling her to get her son a car of his own if he wanted to ride in it.

I don’t understand where such impudent parents come from. It all begins in childhood. I believe that it’s imperative to teach children the difference between “mine” and “not mine” and not demand anything.

Despite this, I didn’t give the whole lecture to those mothers. They probably wouldn’t have understood any of this anyway. I stuck to my opinion, and I will never think of changing it. I will continue to teach my son that people’s right to privacy must be respected.

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Share the toy when you take it outside