She became a mother by finding a baby

An elegant, well-groomed woman, Lucy, was lonely at the age of 35, and she wanted a large loving family, at least three children. Unfortunately, after a terrible car accident, she had an operation after which the woman could not have children, so somehow she did not get along with the men.

She opened her own beauty salon, ran a promising business, created more and more interesting projects, had a good car.  She was a real businesswoman, but single.  She sometimes thought about being a foster mother or adopting a child, but her friends said:

Well, what about you, and when an alcoholic or a cripple grows up, these are foreign genes, think about it, and when one day someone from the family or the child’s mother will come and want to take them away?

The woman was confused, scared and began to have doubts.  But her maternal instincts did not disappear, in her heart she still wanted to become a mother, that someone would talk to her like that, call her, cuddle her and make her sincerely love.  After an important business meeting, the woman went to her favorite cafe, where she usually ordered sea buckthorn tea and a piece of cake;  then she was in no hurry, as if time had stopped at that moment.  She sat dreaming for a while, but quickly gathered herself together and began to make plans for the development of her company.

One day she was too tired, she only wanted to rest, so she decided to leave quickly.  On the way she was stopped by and heard a scream, it was a child’s cry.  She knew it perfectly well because her heart was pounding in her chest like a hammer.  She decided to go quickly and check what happened, maybe the toddler needed help, maybe there was an accident, something had to be done.

Lucy was nervous whether it was fear or panic, she did not know.  Outside the cafe the scream grew louder, a cry could be heard, such a loud child’s cry.  She felt her trembling and sweating her hands.  And this moment: he sees the bundle lying next to the garbage can, and in it a very small child.  She didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, but she screamed very loudly.  Probably cold or hungry, the woman thought.

She didn’t know how it happened, but she was already holding the baby in her arms, soothing it.  She called an ambulance, she knew someone there.  The terrified woman ran back to the cafe and waited for the ambulance there to let the baby warm up a little.

The ambulance arrived fairly quickly, the doctors reassured the frightened woman and gave her something to calm down.  They took the baby to the hospital, and Lucy followed them, she couldn’t just leave the baby behind.  Already in the ward, a woman asked for a phone call, because she had left hers in a cafe, and called the head of the ward asking him to monitor the whole situation without involving social services or the police.

Later, after an examination, she found out that the baby she found was completely healthy.  The girl was lucky because she was lying on cardboard boxes and did not get very cold;  she moved her arms and legs, her breathing stabilized, and so did her heart;  poor thing, she only tore her throat when she cried because she wanted milk, she wanted to eat, the girl was hungry.

Lucy stayed overnight in the hospital, fell asleep in the ward next to the child.  She couldn’t go home and leave her there alone.  She was afraid that nobody would take her, so she did not leave the room for a moment.  Thanks to her acquaintances, she managed to complete all formalities quietly, without too much publicity, without the press and the police.  The very next day, Lucy was granted custody of the child.  During the examination in the ward, the girl was called Clara, they said that God himself had sent her, and Lucy saved her life.  And that’s how the family was born!

The bell rings, lessons are over, Clara runs out of school because her mother Lucy is waiting for her.  They go to their favorite cafe for sea-buckthorn tea and a piece of cake.  They will talk about how time flies!

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She became a mother by finding a baby