She kicked her sister out of the house

My girlfriend Olivia never talked about her past, saying she was an orphan. Yesterday, something triggered her. Now for the first time, she completely opened up to me.

Her life was complicated. When her older sister Lizzy was barely born, her father left them, and then her mother found out she was pregnant with Olivia. Her mother then began drinking out of grief. Although she could not take care of the children herself, the neighbors helped her. Later, due to liver failure, she was hospitalized. During that time, Lizzy was sixteen, and Olivia was fifteen. When the older sister started working part-time and had some savings, she rented an apartment in the city, got a good job, and took her sister to finish her studies. Afterward, Lizzy had a relationship with an extremely wealthy man and got pregnant. They got engaged. This caused Lizzy to turn to Olivia.

Both sisters never saw their mother again; she immediately disappeared after receiving treatment, not to mention her daughters.

Throughout her stay at her sister’s house, Olivia faced difficulties. Although she tried to help, Olivia faced a lot of disappointment. Because she had to take care of the whole household, she found it challenging to handle all her responsibilities. During Lizzy’s maternity leave, Olivia took care of her baby since she didn’t want to stay at home. Olivia’s nephew loved her dearly; she devoted herself to her sister. Eventually, however, Olivia’s brother-in-law got upset about having to live with the relative of his wife.

Whenever she didn’t do things the way he liked, did dishes the wrong way, or didn’t take the dog out on time, her brother-in-law would pick on her. Even though he rarely spent time with his child, whenever he cried, he blamed Olivia. Either she had mistreated him, or he had not been adequately fed. Initially, Lizzy defended her sister, but she became more like her husband as time went on. Over time, she began to insult Olivia. Additionally, Lizzy could not understand why they needed to keep Olivia at home.
She realized she would not need Olivia when her child started kindergarten in a few months. Olivia was then thrown out with her belongings. Lizzy didn’t care about Olivia, despite everything she had done.

Lizzy told Olivia, “You have your life, and I have mine.”

I met Olivia when she was thin and depressed. Olivia worked part-time at a cafe near my house. She was provided with a room on site. Having fallen in love, she moved in with me. It has been two years since we moved in together. Studying to be a teacher, Olivia offers to tutor students who need it. Suddenly, she became more confident. And today, she had her sister over to visit her. Olivia was convinced to help by Lizzy after her husband had abandoned them with the child. It was our pleasure to help them find a room and a job. The company where I work will employ Lizzy as a janitor. We won’t be involved in her personal life anymore. Despite her willingness to assist, Olivia does not want to communicate with her sister. It is essential to understand that Lizzy has her own life, whereas we have our own.

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She kicked her sister out of the house