She wanted an abortion because her husband only wanted a son.

It is a well-known fact that my close friend Olivia and her husband were very excited about having a baby. They planned the pregnancy and prepared carefully for it: passed all tests, took vitamins, and lived a healthy lifestyle. As soon as Olivia discovered she was pregnant, her husband’s happiness knew no bounds. Any good news they received seemed insignificant in comparison.

Andy was someone I had known for a long time, ever since I lived in a dorm above him, and we participated in joint ventures together. Andy had a dream to have a son and always wanted to be able to hold him, teach him how to play football, build sand castles with him, and purchase him as many cars as he could afford.

It surprised me how a boy of his age could dream of having a child at so young an age.  Interestingly, Andy was not simply thinking about having a child but having a son.

When asked, “And what if you have a daughter?” He always answered, “It is either a son or an abortion.” Everyone laughed at it, and nobody understood what he was talking about.

“Andy was overwhelmed with joy. He wandered around, telling everyone that he was expecting a son. He had the nursery remodeled in boyish colors; he bought cars, trains, ships, and assault machines, and he came home with something like this each day. He asked his friends who have sons for advice on what to do.

It never occurred to Andy that he might have a daughter. His family always had boys. His friends all had sons who looked just like their fathers. Andy could not believe he might have a daughter.

In my opinion, I thought I would speak to Olivia, just in case. We met for coffee, and I invited her friend along. I did not know if this discussion would dispel the negative connotations in my mind or if I could persuade Olivia to point out these red flags. My friend Michelle and I were discussing how her husband was acting strangely. Her question was if she had talked to him about the different scenarios. If so, she should be as prepared as possible for the possibility of the girl appearing in their family.

It’s not a newly-acquired dream for him, she said, that it’s a dream he’s had for a long time, so his behavior is acceptable. She told us that she was willing to fulfill his dream of having a son or even more than one. We told him that it doesn’t depend on his desire but on chromosome Y, which men have.

The next few days were spent walking around, loaded with these thoughts, awake at night, trying to figure out what to do. It is possible to ask Andy to see a psychologist before too late. I wanted to tell him about it and prepare for the unexpected, but I felt reassured and decided not to step into a stranger’s home with unwelcome advice.

Two months passed, and Andy’s behavior became more irrational every week. Once again, I reminded myself that this was none of my business.

As Olivia neared 22 weeks of pregnancy, she was scheduled for an ultrasound examination. The doctor told her he could already announce the gender. Young parents froze in anticipation of their joy.

The doctor announced, “You are expecting to have a daughter! Congratulations!”

“Andy got up and left the office in silence. He didn’t seem to care if the child was healthy or not. Olivia was left alone at the office for another two hours until she returned home from the other side of the city because he had left her there alone. She found her belongings packed at the door and a note, “Take your things and go. I could not conceive a daughter. You ruined my life. Don’t ever call me again.”

She could not take another route, so she desperately pleaded with me to take her back to the hospital. My question to the hospital about why she needed to be there received silence.

Taking Olivia by the hand, the doctor left the room. She told me a medical psychologist worked on the floor above, and no doctor would be able to perform an abortion that day since she was 22 weeks pregnant. I had never done that before, but today I screamed at my sister.

“There are many people who spend years praying to the sky to have a child. Even if she is sick, they would never abandon her. And you?! Are you… crazy? Are you planning to kill your girl child for your husband’s insane wish?” Olivia did not answer, only wept bitterly.

Together with her parents, we moved her belongings. So Olivia was left alone with her grief.

She gave birth to her daughter Julia four months after Andy had left her. Andy did not give me any news regarding him during this time, although I was aware that he had a new girlfriend who was pregnant. However, I did not share this information.

A little over a year later, we found out that his newlywed wife, Andy, had given birth to a daughter. It seems that fate always knows the right thing for us.

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She wanted an abortion because her husband only wanted a son.