Shock! She threw her child in the toilet

When the mall maintenance employee arrived on the scene, she was shocked. She heard a baby crying from a large garbage can in the toilet. When she opened the lid, she pulled the child out of the dirt…

No one knows how long ago the woman left him or if anyone else heard about it because the mall is open 24/7. The cleaning crew cleans from morning to evening.

Maria didn’t miss a beat and asked the ladies who came out of the bathroom if they knew who had left the baby. She quickly realized she wouldn’t be able to get the kid back from the dump if the mother didn’t plan on coming back for her. After she washed and wrapped the baby in a towel, the baby stopped crying and swaying.

When she sat with the baby, warming up to her, she said, “Let’s do it now; let’s come up with an idea.” She took the baby, who was fast asleep, to the shopping center manager, Mr. Paul. To ensure the child’s safety, Mr. Paul called the social services department.

However, the manager wasn’t there. Instead, his deputy walked up to her. She told how she found the baby and didn’t know what to do or how to handle him.

Her tall blond deputy looked at her calmly and said, “You sit down, don’t worry. It’s good that you washed him. Do you have children of your own that you can handle so well?” The deputy smiled, admiring the baby.

“No, I’m single,” the young woman replied calmly.

As he walked with the woman holding the baby in her arms, he hugged her with one hand on his shoulders and the other on her thin waist.

Police were quick to respond and start looking for the mother, and social services arrived later in the day. Maria and Mr. Paul looked after the baby.

By the time social services arrived, Maria and Mr. Paul had a chance to talk about life. He divorced his first wife because they couldn’t conceive for over ten years, and he wanted a kid. Meanwhile, Marina broke up with the groom because he didn’t want kids.

A small-town police department quickly identified the baby’s mother as a 15-year-old girl whose immediate action was to write a waiver revealing she had no idea who the father was. She said she didn’t want this baby and dumped it in a toilet. She lost her parental rights, but she was also going to jail.

This child managed to bring Maria and Mr. Paul together in the end. Within a short period, they married and completed all the documents for the child’s adoption.

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Shock! She threw her child in the toilet