Since I dislike my future daughter-in-law, my son did not invite me

My name is Beatrice, I am 55 years old, and my husband Walter and I live in a rural area as many families do. I work as a dishwasher at a local diner, and he is an electrician.

Our only son, Edward, was born 25 years ago to my husband and me. It was a challenging experience to go through. It was said that the baby would not be able to be born, but Edward was a fighter, and he had a powerful will to live. Despite everything the doctors said, the baby was born alive. My husband and I have never had another child.

Edward has always been curious about the world around him as a child. He was a favorite among teachers and was regularly involved in school competitions. Of course, my husband and I could not always give him the right things, so my son learned to work part-time early.

Following graduation, Edward entered the capital’s prestigious university, majoring in Computer Technology. Because my husband and I did not have the money to guarantee his admission, he studied hard day and night. However, he was admitted solely based on his merits.

Edward lived in a dormitory in the capital, and we tried to support him financially. However, life in the capital turned out differently for him. He rarely came home, said he earned money and talked less on the phone than he had.

Edward worked for a successful company after graduating from university and began earning well. One day, my son called suddenly and said he would come home. My husband and I were thrilled, and I immediately started baking my son’s favorite cakes.

However, when we saw our son at the door, a woman stood next to him. She was forty-five years old. At first, I thought she was an old colleague from work. That’s when Edward introduced Jeanne as a prospective wife.

Rosemary was not just older than Edward but an adult with a life of novel adventures waiting to happen. Her appearance, makeup, and high heels made her seem like a frivolous woman looking for her next experience. I pulled Edward aside and expressed my displeasure. He reacted negatively, saying that this is the style of the capital and we in the province are losers. I replied that I didn’t agree to this marriage.

Edward has packed all his things and vowed never to stay at his parents’ house again. It has been a month since we spoke. I tried to reach my son, but he did not answer the phone. Yesterday, I found a picture from the city hall of him marrying Rosemary.

It broke my heart to hear that my son didn’t listen to me when I pleaded with him. I wasn’t invited to my only son’s wedding, with whom I have spent my entire life. It struck right at heart. How embarrassed I feel about that. Do children get rid of their parents quickly, erasing them from their lives and erasing them from their memories?

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Since I dislike my future daughter-in-law, my son did not invite me