“Son looks nothing like you,” his sister said.

“Emma, sweetheart, what else do you need from me? Would you like some grapes? Here’s an apple. The mother-in-law is trying to please her daughter-in-law after eating so healthy that she became pregnant. Your little boy will be born in just over a month.”

 In-law relationships are rarely thriving. Trying to be a helpful mother to her daughter-in-law is challenging. But Mrs. Crown tries her best to do so.

The daughter of Mrs. Crown mocked her mother, saying, “Emma, sweetheart!” because she was unhappy with her sister-in-law’s constant assistance.

Her husband Dan tried to convince his wife, “Maria, why are you unhappy? Give them peace and let them do what they want.”

“Nonsense!” Maria exclaimed. “Mama is acting like Emma is her daughter, not me! Don’t you remember we struggled to have the child we wanted with IVF for six years? However, no one was as pleased about it as they were about Emma’s future child. They are sweeping her off her feet.” Maria was furious.

“Why do you care? Michael got married late. My mother’s daughter-in-law Emma is a terrific caregiver, and your mom has been waiting for her second grandson. They won’t harm us, and we won’t do any harm either.” He tried to explain their situation to his wife.

“Yep, and I don’t get breakfast in bed from my mom either! I hear that my mom is upset with me because I don’t do household chores.” She was so angry; she looked like a dragon on fire.

They both lived together in the same house, on the same second floor, sharing the same responsibilities and taking care of household chores, but Maria did not like her sister-in-law. The house was enormous, and there was sufficient space for everyone, but Maria seemed not to get along with her sister-in-law.

Emma came to this family quite recently. A year ago, she married Michael, Maria’s brother, but she will soon be expecting a baby. Emma is friendly and loves everyone. The Crowns were delighted to receive her as a daughter-in-law.

“You should put yourself into it, Maria; it’s not too difficult. And Emma’s pregnant, first of all. Secondly, if she complains to her parents, she will leave us, and we will never, ever be able to see our grandson again.” Mrs. Crown told her daughter. She was terrified that Emma would move to Sweden to live with her parents and husband.

“Maria hated her mother because of Emma.

“Let’s go get lost and go wherever she wants to go,” she thought. That’s when Maria decided to take her revenge against Emma when the boy was born.

She was the one who was the first to tell her brother, “The child is not yours. Do you see? He looks nothing like you. She cheated on you. We need to take a DNA test to verify it.”

After a month or two of such sayings, Michael has already doubted whether this child is his.

In the week leading up to the DNA test results, Emma cried for a whole week until it was revealed that the probability of paternity was 99.9%.

Michael apologized to his wife on his knees for allowing his sister to instill false doubts in him, and then they gathered their belongings and went to Sweden to visit Emma’s parents. They might stay with them for a while, perhaps to apply for citizenship later.

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“Son looks nothing like you,” his sister said.