Son only for marriage, daughter for life

How good it is to have a daughter!  She will always come, call me, help with everything my 50-year-old friend told me.  Women who have daughters are lucky, this is a real treasure!  The daughter will always be close, she will bring her children.  And he will do the shopping, then the son-in-law will show up and will also help.  I often see them coming to my neighbor.  She has two daughters.  Always a house full of people and children, only noise.

-And out of curiosity, Molly, is it different with you?

-You know, I have a son.  I was happy too, and I never understood when they said it was better to have a daughter.  It always outraged me.  But I didn’t understand why they said that.  I raise my son the best.  He will love and respect me.  Overall he will be a good person!  As you teach your child, this is how he will treat you.  Before that, I thought so, but later I understood the full meaning of these words.

-I don’t understand what you are saying, Molly You raised a real man.  He’s got a great job, he helps, you said so yourself!

-Yes, it was like that until he found himself a girlfriend.  Then he completely forgot about his mother. She is a decent and smart girl.  But since they are together, we’ve become like strangers to each other.  My son only travels with her to her parents, and he forgets to call me.  I only hear that they were at their in-laws in the garden, and that they bought them a new robot for the kitchen, and this is a trip.  And that’s been the case for the three years since they got married.  And he is also offended when I point out to him, mutter something that I am not giving them money and I should not tell them what to do.  It’s hard for me alone, I always thought that children would help me in my old age, not the other way around.

-Well, even with such requirements.

-He doesn’t ask for anything, but he still doesn’t like something.  I think it was his wife who confused him in his head.  I decided to ask directly if his wife’s parents give them a lot of money, or if they bought them a car.  But, he said, no, the mother-in-law and father-in-law can’t, because they don’t have that much money.  But they can take care of the grandchildren and they said they would sign the house for them.  And it turned out that I am the worst, but for what and why, I do not understand it.  It turns out that strangers are more important to him than his own mother.  I saved my money, thought I’d give them a car.  But yes, it is good that this is how it all turned out, they will not get a penny, ungrateful.  I’d better go to the sanatorium myself, heal my health and rest in my old age.

-But I also heard the other side. Daughter-in-law.  My sister is friends with her mother and apparently her daughter told her that her mother-in-law was constantly calling her son, asking about some nonsense and constantly asking for something.  You have to fix something for her, come for coffee, and take the cat off the tree.  She would find any reason to drag him away from his family.  Besides, the girl is sick now, the mother-in-law should understand that the husband should be with his wife and not stick to the mother in law.  But this is obviously no argument for her, because her water broke, you can’t call the plumber, you have to get your son off work for him to do it.

-I thought to myself, maybe she really needed help, and of all relatives she only has a son.

-But you can ask someone who lives nearby, it would be faster.  There is no reason to summon him, take him out, disturb him all the time, it is completely pointless.  You can approach it in a smarter way.  It seems to me that there would be no such conflicts then, especially since it is not that old yet.

Where is the truth?  Is it really so that when the children leave the house, the son becomes more of a member of the wife’s family, or is it just what we think?

Perhaps Molly story proves that this is so?

Some say: “You only have a son for marriage, a daughter for life.”

Have such situations happened in your family or friends?

What do you think, do you agree or the opposite?

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Son only for marriage, daughter for life