Sorry, you are too good a babysitter for us!

Dan complained to his wife that his son, who was only six years old, took him to the movies all the time with his nanny. “And what did she give him for his birthday? This radio-controlled typewriter is even too expensive for me. Where does she get so much money? Maybe she’s robbing us?”
Until recently, the nanny has always met all the husband’s expectations. The nanny was young and lovely, but she was also an excellent teacher. Although even the parents failed, Alice quickly became Andy’s friend because Andy was a good boy who other people easily influenced. He would hear some nonsense on the playground and repeat it constantly to himself. Only Alice explained how to behave and whatnot, what is good and evil.
It was always clear to Andy’s parents that the nanny did everything out of the goodness of her heart, not just for the money. Andy’s nanny sometimes stayed late if Andy’s parents were away without charging a fee; she treated him as if he were her child. And most importantly, the boy with her was always so calm, smiling, and never shed a tear.
But recently, the first problems appeared. In September, the nanny informed us that she worked as a teacher at a nearby school, so she worked for the past few weeks.
“That’s all we’re doing for you? We came to you with no experience,” Dan was furious. In our situation, we accepted you into our family without any experience and tolerated the too-warm relationship you had with our son. What is it with you and our son? Are you not an adult? Now that his nanny is no longer there, what can you say to Andy?”
When Dan was talking to his friend, he was angry. He said, “I won’t ask her to stay! Because of her, the child is crying because he feels attached to her. And now we have no regular babysitter in such a short amount of time. We will have to ask my wife’s mother, but we had enough of this, Alice!”
“So now you’re going to end your contract with her the way you are?” His friend said.
“If that’s not enough, I will give her such a bad recommendation that she won’t be hired at the elementary school. And she won’t be able to return home either; she’ll be homeless on the street, unable to pay her bills. I’m going to make her miserable.”
In such a situation, a question arose from his friend, “Was she such a competent nanny?”.
Dan replied defiantly, “How dare she treat others’ children as if they were her own. She should get her kids first!” His fury was apparent.
Could Dan have handled that situation most effectively? Was the nanny crossing some lines? If so, should she have been more cold-hearted with the kid? Does the nanny need to stay in this position for the rest of her life, and can she not pursue other career options?
Could Dan thank Alice (who has dedicated so much time and energy to their son) for allowing him to have the opportunity to help his son in the first place?
What are your thoughts on this?

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Sorry, you are too good a babysitter for us!