Spending money on salons is pointless because no man will look at you.

My friend Dionne is about 50 years old. She got married very young when she was only twenty years old. She met her husband at one of the parties at the institute. They fell in love, and soon after, she became pregnant. 

Chester appeared to be the center of her universe. She would constantly tease her friends about Chester and tell them what gifts he gave her and what flowers he bought for her. However, Dionne should have understood that she was not supposed to appreciate gifts; instead, she should have analyzed who this individual was and how faithful and loyal he was to her. However, this is probably what all girls do when they are young since they love with their eyes before they love with their minds.

As Dionne graduated from her university with a degree, Chester left her with Maria in her arms. He explained that he was unable to provide for their needs. He wanted to seek a better future for himself.

In that case, Dionne became a single mother. Of course, it was not easy for her to remarry and find another husband while still having a small child.

Dionne never lost the desire to live a happy life. She worked two jobs so she could support herself. Her daughter grew up and was capable of earning a living. Dionne always wanted to look good, so she had fresh makeup, a manicure, or pedicure done.

One day we took Dionne to the spa for a relaxing facial massage. During our sauna session, we relaxed and felt like real women. Dionne, in general, was adorable after her massage.

After the spa treatments, we decided to go for coffee with a friend. As soon as we sat at the table and began cutting the cake, Maria appeared on the doorstep.

“Hey, mom, were you in the cabin again? Once again, you’ve thrown away money, resulting in a zero. Understand that no man will pay attention to you!” Maria stated without hesitation, “Women your age are expecting grandchildren, not new gentlemen,” she said, “not new gentlemen.” Maria blurted out.

Dionne was embarrassed as she said, “Honey, I’m not looking for a gentleman. I’m just trying to look pretty.”

“It’s understandable that your friend Arya wants to look gorgeous for her husband. However, I recommend you don’t waste your money on it.”

Maria slammed the door behind her. There was no way to tell what was happening. Could it be that older women shouldn’t care for themselves because no one wants to hook up with them?

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Spending money on salons is pointless because no man will look at you.