Such an act by a pleasant, at first glance, woman made me lose trust in people

One evening, my boyfriend and I were driving home and decided to stop by the store and talk about what we needed to take. As we were standing by the car, discussing what we needed to take, an older woman approached us, asking for 20 dollars. My boyfriend refused to give her the money, but I felt sorry for the older woman and gave her the money.

As I walked around the store, I felt the need to give her more money because she seemed to have a bad day. Therefore, I gave her another hundred hryvnias. We exchanged numbers, and she said she would have to thank me somehow.

A few days later, the woman called me and said she wanted to meet me. I agreed and headed to the address she mentioned. I met the woman sitting on a bench with a large package. She was pleased to see me because I did not ignore her and showed up as requested.

Afterward, she told me that she appreciated my kindness and gave me a pillow she had made herself. I was thrilled to receive the handmade pillow. This is because when I asked her about the debt she took from me, she told me there was no way she could repay the loan. However, after I reassured her, she said it was the money she borrowed from me. We then said goodbye and parted.

Among the many reasons why I was pleased with her was that she seemed so kind and sweet. I have never encountered someone as polite and kind as this person. I even signed her on the phone as “Good granny.”

Then, a year later, my phone rang after some time had passed. That old lady called and said that she wanted to meet me. My boyfriend was not very supportive of communicating with this old lady. However, I was not interested in listening to him because I believed he didn’t understand anything and had no sympathy for her.

As soon as I arrived at our next meeting, the old lady asked me for money once again, saying that her grandson was sick and that he needed medicine. I did not doubt her integrity in any way. This is because she thanked me the first time, and the second time she said she would return the money as soon as she had it. Therefore, I immediately agreed to lend the woman the requested amount.

In the end, however, she did not call me for a week and then for another two to three months. When I did call her, she did not answer. After that, it dawned on me that it was not my boyfriend who lacked compassion but that I trusted people too much. Since then, I have lost the desire to help anyone in any way, all because of that trust.

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Such an act by a pleasant, at first glance, woman made me lose trust in people