That’s what makes a person jealous

My friend is a novice blogger who doesn’t miss anything in her life and doesn’t share it on social media. She is constantly taking photos of food, drinks, walks, things she buys, etc. She writes about her life in her blog, but few people read what she writes.

It all started when I started posting photos to my social media accounts. The images got a lot of likes and comments, and she just followed me. But I didn’t want to become a blogger because it’s a massive responsibility to the people who follow you.

As soon as Jane took charge of this work, she started working on it immediately. It is due to the fact that a standard theory states that bloggers get very well paid when the word they are writing is appropriate.

My husband and I are entrepreneurs. We have three clothing stores in the city that bring us a lot of money and pleasure. Jane told me that a clothing store was unnecessary, but I did not listen to her. We started with one store. 

When the first store opened, my friend was filled with envy; when the second store opened, Jane was sick with jealousy, and when the third store opened, she clung to her husband, insisting that they too needed a store.

Our money lets us travel on vacation every three months, which is also very annoying to Jane. She can easily rattle off alarming facts about any country we choose: it is expensive, dirty, the sea smells horrible, etc. She can’t afford to go on vacation so often causes her to have this reaction, but I’ve learned to accept it.

The two of us stayed in touch, and our daughters were born almost at the same time, just four months apart. My daughter Alice is older than Jane’s daughter Nancy, but they both attend the same kindergarten. Alice is always involved in drama in kindergarten, and she follows the theater club with Nancy.

We recently got together with our families at home. My husband took the girls straight from the club and brought them home. We were sitting at the dinner table when Alice ran into the kitchen and boasted about being given the lead role in the next performance. I was pleased, but Jane was not.

In the kitchen, my friend asked Nancy, “Why was Alice given the lead role, but not you?”. “What are you worse than Alice?” she asked. 

As a result of this situation, I became furious, so I kindly asked them to go home.

About two days before the performance, Alice was busy preparing. She and I repeated the words, and Jane called me to say we should meet. I decided it won’t be fair for the kids if their parents were in a heated argument.

I thought it was not the children’s fault that their parents were arguing, and I didn’t stop Alice from talking to Nancy. Later that evening, Jane and her daughter came to us, and Nancy appeared unwell. I ignored it immediately. While we spoke, I noticed both girls were playing with one another. After that, they quickly left.

As I was getting ready for bed, I checked the social network to see what was going on, and what a surprise it was when I saw that Jane had written a post asking for advice from her subscribers on how to treat chickenpox.

I was struck by the fact that my friend brought her child to mine for mine to get sick and not take part in the drama. Fortunately, I am not a blogger and did not post a picture of my child with chickenpox in the countryside.

The good news is that Alice has not fallen ill; quite the contrary, she had a superb performance in the drama; she is now getting ready to play a lead role, while Jane has stopped contacting us.

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That’s what makes a person jealous