The brother provided for the family, and his wife wanted more.

Recently, I received a call from my cousin. He told me what had happened. I was shocked. The two of them seemed to be doing well. They already had two children. There are two children in the house: a five-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy.

Of course, I ask him for a reason, and he tells me that he will explain it to me personally. He wondered if he would be able to move with me since I live alone.

Since I lived alone, I knew I did not have to worry about him. I wanted to know what happened. I had him with his belongings within thirty minutes in my apartment.

Then he took a seat in the kitchen. It was as simple as that. It was as if his whole heart was being poured out to me. For a moment, I thought he was being overly emotional. A lot of controversy surrounds this entire situation. However, the problem turned out to be more severe than I initially thought.

Before considering other options, his wife took maternity leave immediately after having the first child. After that, the wife did not work and decided to stay at home with the child. After that, the wife became pregnant again, and the wife continued to stay at home with their son. They have agreed that a husband must provide for his family.

It wouldn’t bother him at all. He is always ready to assume responsibility. He is hardworking and diligent. It takes a lot of effort to feed two children and a wife. Several days ago, his wife decided that the new iPhone 13 Pro model was what she wanted. So he had to give it to her.

There were only complaints from her. She complained that her husband came home too late and did not help her. They were not able to afford all the things they needed. She would buy the most expensive food, such as lobsters or caviar if she had her way.

The clothes she’s wearing now are old clothes she’s worn before. Therefore, she had to buy these expensive clothes. She only wanted to buy designer clothes since cheap clothes are for poor people.

In the course of the conversation, their marriage came up. She told her husband that he was free to leave if he did not like something in the house. This was something that she would repeatedly tell my cousin.

At first, he didn’t care about it, but then his wife’s words got stuck in his head, and he began to worry about it.

The day before yesterday, she told him that she regretted having tied her life to him.

It’s been a bad week for him. He has decided that he is not intending to prevent his wife from enjoying her life.

My opinion was the same as his. Come on! Ultimately, I believe it is the right decision.

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The brother provided for the family, and his wife wanted more.