The child was completely alone in the street

Jack came home from work in the evening.

In the deep darkness of the August night, he was walking fast and dreaming of a cup of hot mint tea when he heard a baby cry from the alley.

The good heart of a lonely forty-year-old decided to help him.

In a dark alley he saw a four-year-old boy, very dirty, in stale clothes, with tears in his eyes.

Jack quickly took the boy home.

At home, he first washed the boy (who was also called Jack), then fed him with homemade cheese dumplings and gave him a drink of fragrant mint tea.

After all, when little Jack was full, Jack asked him in detail about everything.

It turned out that little Jack was an orphan, he was raised by his grandfather, but he died and the boy lived on the street.

The next day, Jack called social services.

There they told him that the boy had to be taken to the orphanage.

Jack realized that the orphanage is not the best place for a sweet baby like Darius.

All day at work he thought.

Already in the evening Jack knew what he was going to do, he was adopting Jack.

The process itself dragged on for quite a long time, but Jack went this way and collected all the documents.

And now they live together; Jack and Little Jack.

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The child was completely alone in the street