The cops said our apartment was robbed

Our apartment is an old one. It was left to us by my wife’s parents. And about 70% of the neighbors are elderly. Because of that, we have learned to be very cautious here. If we weren’t careful, we would have gotten into serious trouble. Shortly after we moved into our apartment, an incident left us shocked.

We slept peacefully one night. We heard loud noises coming from outside as someone knocked very hard on our door. It appeared that several men were standing in the stairwell. There were police officers there. So, we decided to open the door. According to the police, the residents of this apartment had called the police and reported that they saw something suspicious. At first, they thought it was an attempted robbery. Our washing machine was taken away by the so-called thieves. Despite this, we said nothing had been stolen. The situation was satisfactory.

The police left our place after they examined our documents. I recalled around a month ago, we had stopped by to deal with some things in the old apartment. This old washing machine was there, and we decided to call my uncle to pick it up. He is a significant and robust man, and he took care of it immediately. He is also knowledgeable about fixing them, so he said he would sell them after repairing them. Suddenly, we understood what was going on. Sometime earlier, we stopped by so we could deal with some things in the old apartment.

My uncle was seen entering our apartment shortly after 8:45 in the evening. He was seen entering our apartment, calmly walking inside, and taking the washing machine. However, our neighbors perceived my uncle as a thief and have created a weird story about the incident. The police have been informed about this incident.

In the morning, my wife asked some neighbors who had informed the police that her uncle was suspected of breaking into the apartment.

Ms. Zoe, our neighbor, lives in the apartment directly below us. 

As soon as she saw my wife Nancy, she asked, “Well, what are you doing here? Did you find a robber?

My wife asked her, “Where is the robber?“.

“I suppose you were robbed,” Ms. Zoe replied, “and the police arrived soon. I am not sure; he was a pretty large robber.”

According to the wife, she didn’t know what to say or how to respond to her neighbor.

Our neighbor Ms. Zoe has been asking my wife for two months now about when she will finally decide to have a child. Our old neighbor said it is difficult to give birth for the first time after thirty because time passes, and it is difficult to give birth after 30 years of age.

Now and then, people do weird stuff. This is understandable. In some cases, it would be helpful if they did not interfere with our lives in such a way so often. For months, Ms. Zoe has asked my wife when she plans to have kids.

The truth is that people are not very tolerant, and we do not interfere with her personal life. Still, she’s constantly looking for opportunities to creep into other people’s businesses. Without this, she probably lives a very dull life.

Let me now give you some advice, so I hope you’ll find it helpful! It would be best to be cautious around your elderly neighbors because they want to know what you’re up to.

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The cops said our apartment was robbed