The girl alone in the street

It was spring.  I work close to home, so I leave early, very early, around five.  Today, as usual, I left the apartment a little sleepy.  Deeply sleepy as he took his hand, when I noticed a little girl curled up in a ball at the entrance.

It was May, but the nights were still cold, it was obvious that the child was cold.  I touched her hands, they were icy.  At that moment, the girl woke up and jumped up with fear.

-Sunny, what are you doing here so early?

-I sleep here.

-The girl seemed to be about seven years old. She was skinny and a bit overcast.  That’s why I kept asking.

-You should sleep at home, honey!  Do you have a mom and dad?  Why are you sleeping in the street?

-I left because the house is full of guests and they shout.

Where do you live?  Far away from here?

-I don’t remember. I was running, I was running, I was running. It was cold, but I remember my neighborhood and the estate. But I don’t want to go home.

The girl began to say that her mother still drinks and does not care for her.  She lived with her grandmother, but she died and the little one had to return to her mother.  The child, not used to such a life, decided to run away from home.

-I was shocked, I thought something like this couldn’t happen, not here… it’s only talked about on TV.  But still, a child’s misfortune before my eyes.  What to do?  He can call the police, I won’t leave the child alone.

-Please bring the baby, we’ll take her to the orphanage.

-I had to go to work, think of something and go to the police station.

-Unfortunately, there are no places in the chamber. Can you take care of the baby for a few days?

-But I will not leave her outside.

I took Sara (that was her name) with me.  On the way, we went to the supermarket, bought new clothes and bought something to eat.  The girl kept telling something about her grandmother and about her mommy.  I felt sorry for her more and more: what kind of life would she have in an orphanage?  The mother’s rights to the child will be taken away for sure.

Henry, my partner, was very surprised when I came home.  He’s had a day off, he works on a three-for-three system.  After hearing my story, he wanted to talk to Sara. Three days have passed.  The police and social services didn’t call, but we didn’t wait for that call.

-Emma, maybe we can take care of her?

I was shocked at his words.  He never even mentioned another baby.  Last summer, our daughter went to college and flew to the States. The two of us felt a little lonely at home. This is probably what prompted us to do so.

– Let’s try!  If we can.

Why should it fail? We have an apartment, we earn money. The girl will be able to live like a human being, I feel sorry for her, she is so honest!

We decided to. We went to social welfare ourselves. We were happy.  A few days of paperwork and here it is: a stupid mother no longer has rights to a child, and we are Sara official mother and father.  The girl was happy too, she didn’t talk about her mother anymore. After all, she hardly knew her, she grew up with her grandmother, whom she constantly talked about.

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 The girl alone in the street