The manager helped expose my husband.

Due to work problems, I was only allowed to leave on vacation for one week. We didn’t waste any time. The same day I booked a hotel room, I headed south to the dream sea.

I haven’t had a regular workday for the last few weeks. It’s been crazy. My only desire after swimming and sunbathing was to sleep. On the other hand, my husband wanted a good night’s rest, so he headed to a bar. I didn’t mind; everyone’s needs are different.

I walked back to room one and fell asleep right away. The following day, I woke up alone. Initially, I was scared and wanted to call the front desk. But common sense told me to call my husband. I replied cheerfully, explaining that he had gotten a little late because he had spent a long time conversing with a distant relative. That didn’t bother me.

The next night, it happened again. My husband walked along the beach while I was sleeping in the room. I woke up all alone. The situation was strange, but I wanted to figure everything out.

I didn’t call my husband this time. I decided to talk to the manager. I found our picture on the phone and asked if he was coming back to the hotel. The manager looked closely at the picture and said a similar man did show up at the hotel very late, but another woman accompanied him. She offered to let me see the footage from the surveillance camera at the front door because she saw my confusion and despair.

While I was alone in the room, my husband was having a lot of fun with another woman while I was alone. There was no doubt in my mind afterward. My vacation was ending, and I didn’t want to spend it thinking about our relationship. So, I collected all his things and put them out the front door.

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The manager helped expose my husband.