The nanny wants to replace me with the child

“Mom, listen, I do not know what to do!” Gabby called my mother. Nancy’s nanny tells me to take a picture of Nancy when she’s in bed and send it because she already misses her. She always picks up Nancy herself when I have the chance to pick her up. She always tells Nancy that she loves her every day. Even my brother doesn’t tell Nancy such sweet things! However, I think all this is a bit much for me to handle. My child might even start calling her mother. That would be completely ridiculous! I am shocked by all this!”

Nancy’s nanny was such a knowledgeable teacher. The girl instantly liked her, her mother wanted her, and everyone was pleased. After all, Nancy’s mother felt comfortable leaving Nancy with her. Nancy’s development was facilitated by Veronica, a former educator with experience in various activities.

Gabby, Nancy’s mother, was happy to see that she was doing well, and she was very proud of her.

“As soon as I returned from work, I found a variety of writings, homemade staff, and drawings they had made together at home. Nancy gave them to me, and I was thrilled. The baby is growing, comfortable, and happy, and I am even happier. I live alone without a husband, and it is challenging to cope with everything. Yet, the apartment was always neat, as if the child was lying around, not doing anything.” Gabby was telling her mother. “But I began noticing Veronica’s over-involvement in my child’s life.”

“The message she left me last night was ‘Hug Nancy from me and had a good night!’ Is that okay, Mom? I understand Veronica’s always with the child; it’s her job. But that’s just too much, right? Maybe she will move in with you because she misses the child so much. The more Nancy talks about Veronica than me, the more scared I become. I am sorry that I miss playing with my daughter. Although I understand I don’t play with her enough, I am her mother, not a stranger!”

“In my opinion, everything should be subject to a certain limit. It must be clear exactly what the work is and what it is not.” She was furious.

She told her mom, “I don’t want my child to love someone more than me, and Veronica motivates that because of her behavior. She needs to be aware of her responsibilities and not cross personal boundaries. I’ll fire her because it’s all gone too far!”

Her mom asked, “Gabby, are you sure Nancy will be stressed if Veronica is not around?”

“I’ll take a vacation and have fun with my daughter. I think she’ll forget about Veronica quickly. Then I’ll find another nanny and mention what I’m looking for in the candidate. After all, now I know the most meaningful thing is a business relationship. And respect for other people’s feelings. I think that distinctiveness is critical,” she told her mom.

Gabby’s mother had a feeling that she might have been partially wrong.

Veronica was a reliable nanny. Nancy was well taken care of by her. Her handling of the girl was sensitive and respectful. She will not harm the child in this situation.

Gabby, on the other hand, had a different viewpoint. In her opinion, this was an absolute example of unprofessional behavior on the part of the nanny. After all, working relationships should not be treated as personal relationships.

There was a difference of opinion here between the two people.

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The nanny wants to replace me with the child