The number of people who like freebies

My husband Noah had a situation one day that shocked me. He runs a men’s clothing and footwear store, where he mainly manages and sometimes helps other employees. When the quarantine began, the store reopened online. Everything was sold online, and he watched it.

The working schedule has completely changed because of COVID-19, and it is predicted that the majority of the workers will be laid off since when the store closed, there was no need for employees. This store used to open at 10:00 am and close at 8:00 pm, and everything was simple, but the widespread pandemic changed everything. For my husband not to lay off his staff, he trained them all to work online at Noah’s, taking up their positions there. In some cases, he would go to the site himself and respond to customers if they needed help. Noah liked receiving regular customer correspondence. Sometimes, he dealt with courteous, polite customers, while other times, rude people claiming disability or poverty would ask for everything for free.

Almost all of my husband’s shoes are from his store, but once Noah bought shoes for himself from eBay, he did not like how they looked. They looked comfortable and of high quality, but he did not like their appearance. Therefore, he took them with the expectation that he would become accustomed to them and enjoy wearing them. However, he wore them six times, no more, and in the end, he decided that they “did not fit him and made his feet seem enormous.” Therefore, he decided to give them away, posting ads on the site, mentioning that they had been used several times, were comfortable, and were of high quality, including pictures, and labeling the ads as “free.”

We didn’t have to wait long for Noah. A woman had called him and told him he would be here after work to get shoes.

She said, “Oh, that’s for my husband because we’re all heading to my daughter’s wedding tomorrow, and he has nothing to wear.”

My husband talked to her, and at about 8 pm, he wondered if she would come. As I stated earlier, I had to get ready for work tomorrow morning, my husband also needed to do some business, and the woman in question was still missing.

The waiting time passed from one hour to two, and my husband, around 10 pm, called her and asked where she was and whether we should wait for her at all.

The woman replied, “Yes, I am a cleaner and will be back from work in half an hour. Please wait for me.” She hung up the phone.

The woman arrived at the door at 11:20 pm. Before my daughter’s wedding, my husband gave her a shoe box. She looked at them, then looked up at him and asked, “Aren’t they brand new? Why didn’t you let me know before? “Why does he have to show up in worn-out shoes for my daughter’s wedding?”

The woman angrily handed the box to my husband and turned to leave. As she walked away from us, she muttered some insults and incomprehensible words, but we didn’t pay attention now.

Why am I bringing this up? Why was I shocked in the first place? I became appalled by the people’s attitude toward free things and love for free stuff. People want to be given everything for free just for being them.

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The number of people who like freebies