The relationship between Helen and me deteriorated after she left her husband and moved in with me. It is one thing to date, but another to live together.

There have always been smooth sailings in my life. I am grateful that I had a good job that brought me a high income and allowed me to buy my own house and car.

In the first three years of my marriage, it became apparent that we were completely different people and were not a suitable match for each other. We had never had children together and could not connect, so we ended our relationship.

It was a while before I found a partner.

Later in life, I met a woman and began a romantic relationship. It was beautiful, except for one thing; she was married. But that didn’t matter to me because I was in love with her. I always wanted her to be by my side, so I saw her as my future wife.

I faced numerous condemnations from friends and acquaintances because of such forbidden love, but I did not pay much attention to them.

There were times when Helen and I would meet only in the afternoon when her husband was at work or when she had fake business trips. This was usually when we spent the most time together. By the way, Helen and her husband did not have children, so I could not be guilty of taking the mother away from them.

It was heartbreaking to read that my beloved, my dear loved one, was living with someone else. She said her husband and she was not on good terms for quite some time, but now they coexist only as neighbors. But regardless of what Helen said, it was heartbreaking that my beloved was living with someone else. And I did not want to share it with anyone and believed she should only be mine.

My love for Helen was powerful, so I tried to convince her that she should leave her husband and marry me. When it finally happened, I was happy and confident about our future.

The two of us became a couple, so I didn’t care about anything else. I didn’t care at all about what people thought about it. Some said that a woman who cheats on her husband would also cheat on me. But I knew that this was not how the events unfolded. I was convinced that people were simply jealous of the couple.

As we started living together, I was pretty satisfied with everything. Helen was a faithful wife and a skilled housewife. She made the family feel comfortable and created an authentic family atmosphere. I also tried to be a responsible husband to her. Though I wouldn’t say I liked it initially, I proved to be an excellent husband over the years. I complimented her as before and gave her flowers and gifts. We were happy to have found each other without hiding it very well, so it continued for two years.

It was at one point that I realized that we were changing. I don’t know what might have affected the changes because everything was different when we met. Our adrenaline was boiling, and these pheromones drove us crazy, you know? It was just crazy!

It seems like now our whole life together has turned into a constant discussion of domestic issues, and I have no more things to talk about with my wife. I felt like I had nothing to talk about with my wife daily. Everything was humming along according to plan: we reported to work in the morning, came home in the evening, made dinner, ate in silence, and then retreated to bed.

I realized I didn’t want to come home from work during this time, so I tried to stay there for as long as possible. I could not understand how it could have happened, where all our passion and devotion had disappeared. How could we have allowed our love to fade away? I am puzzled by the fact that my wife has changed. From being a hot mistress, she has become an ordinary wife.

I suddenly got bored with her. I was no longer interested in her. I no longer wanted to be in a relationship with her. I did not see that we would be able to continue this way.

The time came around this time when I met our newly hired employee. I knew it would be wrong to do so, but I could not change the situation.

I cheated on my wife by having an affair with another woman.

I needed to do something because I no longer felt anything for Helen. I decided to confess everything to her, which led to the end of our relationship.

The condemnation I received again did not escape unnoticed.

As usual, I didn’t seem to be bothered at all. Instead, my conscience gnawed at the thought that I had ripped away the woman of the family without helping her in any way.

Because of this, I remained unmarried and vowed never to marry.

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The relationship between Helen and me deteriorated after she left her husband and moved in with me. It is one thing to date, but another to live together.