The way my brother called us to rest and enjoyed resting himself

I live in the capital of the country with my family. We moved from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia in the years following our marriage. While they saw more potential here, my brother Nicolas and his wife were involved in his family’s hotel business in Roanoke, VA, near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I have not been back to my homeland since I gave birth to my son Arthur five years ago. My brother suddenly invited my family and me on vacation to our base.

I was hesitant at first, but my husband convinced me we had not been able to relax for a long time. Sam, Arthur, and I traveled to Roanoke at the end of June. Almost nothing has changed since I left the town, although some improvements have been made.

The first two days of our vacation were idyllic. My family and I enjoyed the sun, and my little one played in the river. Nick started gathering things early on the third day. He said he and his wife would go to the city to get new bedding for the guests since I was here soon. I had to deal with the hotel business during his absence.

Nick assured me he would return the same night. I had thought nothing would happen in one day. However, things did not go as planned. I stayed for three days because my brother wouldn’t pick up the phone. At that time, there were a lot of guests at the hotel. In addition, their housekeeper left for vacation, so I had to clean the rooms since she couldn’t. We could not enjoy our stay at the hotel due to the extra trouble.

As soon as my brother returned, I immediately began packing our belongings. I was left to take care of the hotel guests for a few days even though I was not paid for my work in the hotel. We didn’t pay for the accommodations either, so I was embarrassed to argue with my brother.

I drove home with my husband in silence, with no arguments. I told my brother we had to hurry. Additionally, I vowed not to go on vacation at someone else’s invitation.

I will only stay at hotels that I have paid for myself in the future. If someone offers you a free vacation, they will most likely take advantage of you and stop you from enjoying your vacation. Never accept a free vacation invitation if you do not know how to take advantage of people. You will regret it in the end!

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The way my brother called us to rest and enjoyed resting himself