The wife didn’t say anything and went to get her daughter

We had a shelter in the city where only healthy children and infants were admitted, so that they could be handed over to adoptive parents as soon as possible.  There was also a girl, about six years old, but she had trouble speaking, no one wanted to take her away, and when the marriage was found, something that no one expected happened.  It’s like a fairy tale and I’ll tell you about it.

Initially, the girl visited them for half a day.  They were young, without children, but they had their own business. The girl spent Christmas with them, and later lived with them, even calling the woman her mother.

The child did not stay away from their mother even for a moment. Always cuddled, always close. At the same time, the man realized that it was all irritating him, and he had no warm feelings for this little girl.  He didn’t know how to tell his wife about it, he didn’t want to upset her.  Often men don’t know what they want.

The first row finally happened. He began to explain that life would not be the same as before, that the girl had to be returned as long as she still remembered the shelter.  You have to think of something.  The woman was shocked, she began to protest categorically, said that the girl was charming and sensitive, and he would definitely love her.

The man’s reproaches only increased.

The woman no longer had the strength to oppose him, she had to agree.  Evening.  With tears in her eyes, she folded all the things she had bought for the baby and led her back, holding her hand tightly.  She came home full of tears.  She just thought what kind of parents they were after what they did to this child, she felt everything …

A few days of dead silence at home.  It was bad for both of them.  A week later, they stood in front of the shelter and waited for the headmistress to ask how the child was doing.  The woman replied:

Are you interested in the child. The poor child has been silent since you brought her, refuses to eat, just drew a picture of her coming home with you.

Here the wife could not stand it and says to her husband:

– I can’t do this, my heart is breaking, I’ll take it. Everything will be fine, you’ll see.

– She took the purse and cookies she had bought for the girl and went to get her.

Then everything went well. The girl is very smart, she began to speak better, exercised with a speech therapist, got along with the woman’s husband. Family harmony ensued. He accepted her as his daughter. They started spending weekends together, going to picnics, to the zoo, and started a family tradition: drinking tea and eating cake in a cafe near the house. The woman is happy until she is beaming, the man is not disturbed by the little one anymore, she spends more time with the child. He knows that he might have lost everything once and wants everyone to know about how stupid he acted.

Let everyone in a similar situation know what not to do, so as not to regret it for the rest of their lives.


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The wife didn’t say anything and went to get her daughter