The woman gave up her child before she was born. Years later, she demanded her grandmother’s house.The woman gave up her child before she was born. Years later, she demanded her grandmother’s house.

During their university days, Natalie and Andrew met several times. Although they did not have a relationship, they occasionally crossed paths in the same work environment.

Andrew liked Natalie very much. He tried to win her over for a long time, and as a result, she always replied in the same way. She said she was free and didn’t want to burden herself with a relationship at the time or in the future. This is because she wanted the freedom to make her own decisions.

Then somehow, it happened that she became pregnant with Andrew. It was a shock for them both since they were just about to graduate from university.

As Andrew begged, Natalie flatly refused to give birth to a child. She never loved children, and even less did she wish to plan them. Andrew begged her to get married to him and bear him a child, but she flatly refused.

In despair, Andrew decided to tell Natalie’s mother, Ms. Samantha, about the situation. He had a faint hope that at least she might be able to influence Natalie to change her ways.

And so it came to pass that Natalie’s mother convinced Natalie to have a child. However, Natalie’s mother stated that she was not intending to and would not be able to raise a child. Thus, Samantha agreed to raise her granddaughter on her own.

Not long before a beautiful girl was born, her name was Nancy.

At first, she was raised by her grandmother, and later, when Andrew came across a good job and got one, he took Natalie with him. He never married Natalie, and after having her child, Natalie moved to another city and stopped keeping in touch with anyone.


There have been 25 years since Andrew raised and helped his daughter in everything he could. It was often difficult for him because he raised her himself. He never got married. He devoted all his strength and time to her. He never forgot her.

As a mother, Natalie took no part in her daughter’s upbringing. She never even called. However, her mother, Samantha, took an active part in every aspect of her daughter’s upbringing. Samantha brought her granddaughter to her house when Andrew was at work.

Nancy grew up, graduated from school, applied to university, and married a handsome man. Nancy had a prestigious job with a high salary. Nancy loved her father and grandmother immensely because, after all, it was their whole family. Nancy was able to help them once she got married and was financially stable. Together with her husband, she provided everything they needed to live comfortably.

Nancy’s grandmother died later. Therefore, it became a challenging period for her. In the last days of her life, she wrote a will in which she named her beloved granddaughter as the only heir.

“So the girl received a house with a garden. Since she and her husband lived in that house, she asked her father to move into it to take care of the garden. Before then, he had lived in an apartment. The home was spacious, and the garden was nearby, making it easy for him to enjoy the fresh air, sit on the bench and soak up the sun. Andrew happily agreed.


Andrew saw a woman walking near the gate once. I thought it was the postwoman and brought a newspaper for the woman. So Andrew approached the woman. To his surprise, it was Natalie. She was also surprised to see her former boyfriend there.

Natalie reached out to her mother for help since she had no idea that her mother had not been alive for a long time. They talked calmly, and Andrew did not hold a grudge against Natalie since long ago, he had come to terms with Natalie’s decision.

Natalie planned to move back to her mother. However, when she learned she was dead, she asked Andrew to leave the house.

The elder Andrew was stunned by Natalie’s outrageous behavior. He refused and explained to her that now she was no longer a vital family member and had no right to the house. This house belonged to their daughter, who had allowed Andrew to live there.

The story has it that she got Nancy’s phone number through mutual acquaintances. She called her and had a conversation with her.

“Hello, my dear daughter! How are you? I hope you are doing well.”

“Good morning! I do not know who this is! And why am I being contacted by you? I have no idea who you are!”

“You are my baby girl, honey! But how come? I am your mother.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have a mother. She disappeared when I was born, and I have had no contact with her since then.”

“This is how you talk to your mother, isn’t it?! Well, let’s get straight to the point. I came to live in my mother’s house, and what does that mean?”

“Yes, I fully understand why you are here. However, this is not your concern. My grandmother gave me her house in her will. Therefore, I request that you stop bothering my father and me any further and that you disappear as you did before. Goodbye!”

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The woman gave up her child before she was born. Years later, she demanded her grandmother’s house.The woman gave up her child before she was born. Years later, she demanded her grandmother’s house.