Their dad didn’t pay them the same attention

Mr. Jonson’s wife had already died. He had two sons; the eldest, Bob, was 32 years old, and the youngest, Oliver, was 24 years old. Both sons lived with their father, and the apartment was spacious, with three bedrooms. Bob already had a wife and a child, and he had no intention of moving.

Even though Bob had his apartment, it was small and old. It once belonged to his grandmother, who gifted it to him since Oliver had not yet been born. However, the younger brother wanted to claim this apartment. He had no other options, and their parents have long believed it was fair. The brothers lived together in the apartment they shared with their father during this period.

Bob had a child. Relocating to his small apartment was becoming uncomfortable for a family. In addition, the father’s apartment was not large enough for Oliver and his father to live together comfortably.

Later, Oliver brought along his girlfriend since he wanted to get married. They were preparing for the wedding at the time.

The sisters-in-law did not get along immediately. However, the first time they tolerated each other. And then, after the wedding, they started a real war. They wanted the apartment to be theirs. Both of them. So, they started taking care of their father-in-law, cooking for him, cleaning his apartment, and ironing his clothes.

One day, the brothers’ father became ill and could not get up. Since he needed constant assistance, his daughters-in-law started helping him even more since they wanted to gain his apartment.

After Bob and Oliver’s father decided to write a will because he still didn’t know what would happen to him. However, he decided to leave his three-bedroom apartment to his younger son Oliver since Bob already had the small apartment his grandmother had given him. He didn’t even think to consider it.

The good news is that Mr. Johnson didn’t die, but he did make it through his illness. However, as soon as his daughter-in-law found out, she immediately got angry and convinced Bob to move into the old apartment they inherited from his grandma. 

The older man, of course, did not understand what had happened. He had never promised anything to his oldest son. Now that the oldest had a place to live, Mr. Johnson thought to gift his apartment to the youngest.

To surprise his grandson for his birthday, Mr. Johnson came to their apartment with presents and bought a big cake. He also gave him a large sum of cash so that his parents could buy the toys he wanted. 

Oliver’s wife found out about it and got furious. She accused her father-in-law of helping Bob’s family all the time. She mentioned that she would also be having a baby soon. Bob’s family left him alone, but he gave them a large sum.

Additionally, the younger son had moved out of his father’s apartment with his wife and rented a home. No one wanted to communicate with Mr. Johnson. Neither Oliver, Bob, nor the daughters-in-laws wanted to talk to him. Mr. Johnson tried to visit them and see his grandchildren, but the daughter-in-law would not allow him. He got into an unfortunate situation and didn’t understand what had happened to his family. 

This is a somewhat ironic scenario, as you can see. It looked to be a relationship between brothers at first, but they turned out to be real enemies due to their interests.

Additionally, the father was accused of wrongdoing by simply wishing them well. Yet he is not guilty of anything.

The father of the brothers, however, later passed away. The brothers should be ashamed of themselves, as they haven’t looked after their father in recent days. A neighbor took care of him when he was critically ill.

But the boys were not ashamed. After the funeral, they clashed so violently that the neighbors were forced to calm them down. 

What was the cause? They were seeking the villain. And once again, the family divided the property of their father. But things didn’t end there.

A series of long and tedious lawsuits followed. Even after the brothers had grown tired of the lawsuits, their daughters-in-law set them against each other again.

As it turned out, Oliver won his lawsuit due to the will written by his father for his benefit. So, his family immediately moved into his father’s apartment and dropped all communication with Bob’s family. They got very angry with one another.

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Their dad didn’t pay them the same attention