Their parents gave their daughter a house and their son a lot.

Her parents bought her a three-bedroom house in honor of Yvette’s 20th birthday. However, they gave their son Bob a piece of land to build a house. If the daughter-in-law didn’t make scandals, it wouldn’t matter.

At first, Bob wasn’t too concerned because their money and lives allowed them to live the way they wanted. They were able to live comfortably.

Kate stepped in, saying, “So what would you do if you had this piece of land? And would it be appropriate for you? And that piece of land is in the most undesirable part of town! Do we need it? We do not!”

Bob himself felt the need to think about his parents’ actions after having these daily conversations for a month.

As a result, he turned to his parents to ask them about the nature of their relationship, “And why did you just give Yvette an apartment? Do you have only one child? Or do you have a favorite?”.

“Bob, she’s a girl; she’ll get married eventually. She’ll have a place to live, so she won’t have to depend on her husband. Women should not rely on their husbands as they were in the past. What if she gets divorced? We don’t want her to be homeless. She’ll have a place to live,” the mom tried to calm her son down.

“I’m ten years older than her. I also have three children. We all live in Kate’s two-bedroom apartment. We would live better if we had a house,” said their son, speaking of their living situation.

“We understand your family situation; we gave you a piece of land! You can build a house on it and live comfortably with your family,” said his mother

We don’t want a house in the most undesirable part of town, and Yvette is just waiting to marry a rich guy. So you want me to build a home with my wife and children? How will I make money to build it? It will take a long time, and by the time it is finished, all of my children will be grown up and heading to college. It would be better for Yvette if she weren’t partying all the time so she wouldn’t be expelled from school. That way, she would be able to get a degree in informatics instead of relying on marriage to a rich man.” Bob said.

“So, son, who should look after her? She has no education, no job, as you say. However, even if she were not expelled from university, he would still study, get married, stay on maternity leave, have children and stay at home with them.” his mother asked.

Kate and Bob bought a larger apartment together after a few years. Since then, they have stopped talking with his parents and his sister.

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Their parents gave their daughter a house and their son a lot.