There are traitors among both men and women. Right?

From childhood, I always dreamed of a profitable business, a big house, the opportunity to travel, and a family, a strong, happy family. I worked hard all my life, and I almost gave up several times, but I kept fighting. In the end, I now have almost everything I dreamed of: I live in a big house, I have a pool and two cars, my business makes a good profit, I often travel on vacation, and I have many good friends who have been with me since childhood, but most importantly, I have no family.

The truth is that when I was working, I didn’t even have time for sleep, let alone have a relationship with someone. When business improved and everything ran smoothly, the women I met saw in me only a purse.

Whenever my friends try to find me a few dates, I’m already discouraged. I’m 42 years old, and my hopes for a family fade away every year. I don’t need a woman who will give me money. I need an intelligent, kind, and sincere woman who will always have something to say and will be able to support me.

When it is hot, we get together with my friends and their families to relax in the summer. I love children very much, and they love me, so I always support my friends’ initiatives to come together. This time I decided to host the meeting at my home. A pool is available to cool off in the summer, so everyone was delighted to support my idea.

During the party, my friend Vincent came to help with the food. I decided to order food from the restaurant, but I also wanted to prepare grilled vegetables and meat on the grill myself, so he offered to help.

“Nathan, I have good news for you. Irene called her colleague from work, and maybe you will like her because, according to my wife, her colleague is stylish and intelligent,” Vincent told me.

Vincent’s wife and I haven’t seen each other for a long time due to my constant work, but I hope all my friends will be able to be at this gathering with me.

As the hour approached, guests started to arrive. Some brought beer, others brought bottled water and juice, and then Vincent’s wife with her children and Natalie. They both looked gorgeous, and the kids ran in front of them. I knew Vincent’s children, but I had noticed another boy named Oliver. It turned out that Oliver was Natalie’s son.

“We sat at the table, drank beer, and talked. When we finally met, I had to leave to cook meat and vegetables. Irene’s coworker, Natalie, repeatedly touched me during the cooking process, telling me something about her and her son. She also inquired about my house and business and asked how I was doing. I felt that it pushed me away, but I didn’t say anything to her.

During dinner, Irene asked me for my phone number so she could call someone because she did not have money on her phone. I gave her my phone and continued to cook, but later I realized she had saved my number for her colleague.

As soon as the evening was over, everyone started leaving. I had no idea if Natalie would call me or if I had made it all up. But then I received a message from an unknown number: “Nathan, I liked you very much; I hope to meet you soon. Irene.”

I did not respond to this message, but I wanted to show it to Vincent because I thought it was necessary.

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There are traitors among both men and women. Right?