Unexpected expansion of the family

When my friend said her daughter was expecting a baby, I was shocked how?

You have to arrange all the formalities, you have to write that the father of the child is not known where and take the certificate from the hospital.

Harper said that the young people decided to get married, they just put her in front of the fact.

-Do not worry mom, we love each other, the child will grow up in a full family: said her daughter. She just added that she just needed a little help from her parents.

My friend was confused.  Isabella became pregnant at the age of seventeen.  Harper did not want her daughter to have such problems at that age.  At first she thought about termination of pregnancy, but her heart did not allow it.

Then Harper decided to meet her new son-in-law and future relatives.

It turned out, however, as Isabella said, that her boyfriend had no one but an older brother.  They made an appointment on Friday.

Of course, Harper was not satisfied with such news, because she thought that she would have to help another child.

Then, said a friend, the hustle with documents, clinics, ultrasound began.  She couldn’t believe that everything had changed in one day.  She regretted that Isabella would not get what she did not have time for: trips abroad, student life.  Besides, there was a lot to do: organize a wedding, prepare for the birth, and all of this requires money.

Especially since she has not seen the groom yet.  And then it was only more interesting.  Harper said that on Friday night, after she and her daughter had set the table, the doorbell rang.  Of course, Isabella quickly ran to open it.  But when Harper saw her future son-in-law, she froze.  The man looked thirty and was shocked without even noticing the flower basket.

-Good evening, mom! With these words, said Harper, he entered their house.  His brother was standing next to him and he was just silent.

The friend said that she burst into tears because she could not understand how her little daughter could meet such a man and where. It’s illegal, what a debauchery.  But the shining eyes of Isabella stopped Harper.  She invited them to the living room.

The daughter acted as if everything was normal, but Harper took her to the kitchen and asked Isabella if she had chosen her fiancé was too old.

-No, mother, next year he will be only thirty-four years old – said Isabella with a smile.

-“I think he’s a bit old,” Harper replied.

-Everything is fine, mom, he is an experienced man – and she took her to the living room, because Edwin was waiting there.

Harper was shocked, thoughts were racing in her head.

Oh, you know, I haven’t slept for days after this, but I understood.  If fate wanted it so, maybe it should be so.  Maybe his head is well organized.  Edwin is almost my age, I hope he has serious intentions, he will take care of her.  He has a job, he will raise a child.  Not what my kid did and he was gone.  What kind of man is this?  Harper sighed.

I thought that the most important thing for the children to be well, then Harper would be lighter at heart.  I think it will.

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Unexpected expansion of the family