Untold daughter-in-law

George’s mom, Mrs. Johnson, got a call from an unknown woman saying she was pregnant one morning. She asked the woman for financial support because her son refused to pay for the birth.

After Mrs. Johnson initially thought this girl was a scammer, she found out that her son had met her and was pregnant.

“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of things if you don’t. I have no claims against you or your son. However, we can meet with you if there is an opportunity, and you’ll see,” she said.

She was furious that her son had made a baby, then disappeared. She felt like she had taught him to be a responsible and honest man. Though they were 19 years old, she thought they could handle raising their baby, especially since she had a son at 20 and raised him.

“Son, why are you doing this?” “It is challenging for a woman to raise a child by herself,” she tried to explain to her son.

“Mom, I didn’t know. She told me a month ago, and I’m still shocked by it.” The son said, embarrassed.

“I don’t like her; we just hung out for a while. She wanted an abortion, but the gynecologist said no, so she gave birth.” Her son looked at her blankly. He asked, “Why do I need this child?”

Mrs. Johnson had no idea what to say. She knew better than anyone that a man could not raise children. Hence, out of pure maternal instinct, she asked if anyone would support a young mom with a baby.

Teresa, the young mom-to-be, turned out to be a foster kid with no relatives and had never been adopted.

Despite being only 40 years old, Mrs. Johnson remarried, had a lot of money, and always wanted a second child. She couldn’t get pregnant because it was too late. She figured she’d have the strength and resources to help her grandson and mom-to-be. Moreover, they wanted her help.

He said he wouldn’t marry someone he didn’t love. So she convinced him to keep studying to get his Bachelor’s degree since he was almost done.


Teresa gave birth to a son a month later. He was just like George. Up until then, Mrs. Johnson helped Teresa rent and furnish a one-bedroom apartment.

Mrs. Johnson’s husband supported her even though it wasn’t his grandson and bought the baby everything he needed, including diapers and furniture for the nursery.

Teresa became friends with Mrs. Johnson. Teresa was an attractive girl with red hair and freckles who had a friendly voice and a bright light in her eyes. Her pregnancy and difficult life circumstances didn’t stop her from making money online. She kept telling her mother-in-law, “It’s not about the money. I can earn. The thing is, I wish someone were around more often.” After each meeting, Teresa hugged her, and I could spend hours with her in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the grandson was growing fast. He was healthy, and his cheeks were pink! When Teresa had to go somewhere, her in-laws would sit with him and entertain their grandson because he reminded them of their son. He even played with toys just like Mrs. Johnson’s son did!

The apartment where the girl lived was now neat. Her in-laws got her brand-new appliances and furniture for the baby. She said she’d take care of them for three years. In addition, I said that I should save the money she earns so that it would be easier to get back on my feet.

She looked at her and remembered herself, the same young, loving mother that was scared as she was. She could imagine how the girl felt and put herself in her shoes. After all, she was an orphan too. But with such a large family, she has a new perspective…

It’s difficult to predict their relationship when their grandson turns three. Teresa keeps saying she wants to move to a more populated city with her son. Mrs. Johnson is happy, however, that she was able to help Teresa during her child’s most challenging years.

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Untold daughter-in-law