Viper. A real life story

This situation happened in my hometown on the Oder, in a wealthy family by our standards.  I met Peter during my studies.  Later, by accident, I started working on a construction site as an energy specialist in a company he owned;  inherited her from his parents.  And this is what it looks like.

He had a young fiancé, a lovely girl fifteen years his junior, whom he adored and was very jealous of.  I found out about it yesterday at lunch together.  He loved her, he never forgot about her.  But there was a problem: he recently fell ill with tuberculosis.  According to what he said, he was supposed to live about three to four weeks.  He looked so-so.

After a week or so, I called to inquire about his health.  A high-pitched female voice on the phone told me he was in intensive care.  So I went to the hospital.

It was there that I first met his fiancé.  I’ve never seen her before.  A girl ran out of the doctor’s office.  She had just been told that Peter had little time, maybe a few days.  She flashed past me, shaking her hips, and I smelled her perfume.  The nervous doctor followed her out.

-“Viper,” he said, and when he saw my face, he thought, “I’m sorry.”  She didn’t even change her expression when I told him he only had two or four days to live.  She was sitting and talking to someone on the phone.  I tell her that tomorrow her fiancé may not be there anymore and she sits there and worries when she getting his golden jewelry.  What a disgusting thing.

The doctor returned to the office, slamming the door angrily.

And as soon as Peter woke up, he talked about her and called her.  And so everything happened again, he would wake up, then he would pass out again, but he kept calling for her.

They called her.  They asked her to visit the terminally ill, but she kept refusing, she didn’t have time.  After all, she had to take care of the business now.

But Peter somehow couldn’t leave.  Several times his heart stopped and started again, even without CPR.  He wanted to see her.  Everyone called and asked her to come.

– “It won’t help him anyway,” she replied.

In the evening, Peter left this world.

It was already eight in the morning and a nurse was called.  She took expensive gold jewelry belonging to Peter.  As she walked beside me, showing off her long legs, a nurse came out of the room.

-The viper, she threw after the girl.

-Listen?  the ‘widow’ of Peter has stopped;  you have no right.  You don’t work here anymore.

-And it’s hard, interrupted the nurse I have nothing to lose, I’m already retired. And you are a viper.  And someday you will die here.  You will lie alone, no one will come to you. Viper.

The woman spat under her legs and tapped her heels toward the exit.

Three months later someone told me that they had dismissed the nurse the same day and that they had admitted “Peters’ widow” to the ward diagnosed with advanced tuberculosis.

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Viper. A real life story