We are a family, so working with your niece several times would be nice.

After graduating from university, my cousin plans to become an English teacher. She’s a pro at it. She teaches English to children. Her students love her; her parents appreciate all her effort and work. Sadly, our family doesn’t love her that much.

One day, I received a call from the son of my mother’s sister. She told me his daughter needed an English tutor. Therefore, I decided to make it work with Alice. Alice is a very competent teacher. I believe they will be satisfied with the results. At the time, my cousin was failing English in ninth grade. She didn’t mention anything about the school curriculum during the conversation, so Alice had to teach her lots of new stuff. 

They both agreed that Alice would tutor her two classes a week. Alina reminded my uncle’s daughter that her tutoring session cost $25 as he picked up his daughter on Friday. Due to other students paying $40, she reduced the price for a family member since she wanted to be kind.

He said he’d give it to his daughter despite her words. Uncle kept bringing his daughter to tutoring sessions but still did not pay Alice as he was supposed to. She initially decided not to remind her uncle but later changed her mind. As a result, she called him. When she asked his uncle for money, he told her he did not have any. He said he would take a cash advance from his credit card and give it to her. Tutoring sessions have now been ongoing for two months. Alice reminded him once again. Her uncle then asked for another week since his credit card didn’t take cash advances. He also had too many bills to pay each month. He relies on credit cards to pay his bills, adding to his debt. He asked Alice if she would accept a credit card to pay for tutoring sessions.

Approximately one month later, Alice said goodbye to her cousin; she opted not to help relatives. In addition, our uncle didn’t have any problems, and he and his wife made a very comfortable living. In addition, our cousin was not very motivated to do her homework. After that, our uncle continued to harass our cousin. Alice turned out to target all of our uncle’s complaints. As he sees it, Alice is immoral, without any regard for her family, and she doesn’t want to help them out.

There are many examples of this type of behavior. I live next door to the doctor. After hours, she gets a long line of ‘friends’ to come over. They are all free to come over, and she helps them all free of charge. Nobody thinks about paying her. She is a top-notch medical professional, and her assistance is worth paying for. Despite this, I think she has a compassionate heart because she helps retirees get medical care. They often don’t have much money, and they often rely on free services.

The most meaningful thing is to appreciate the work of others. It does not matter what someone does. Everyone’s work is valuable. As a specialist without income, how will you pay your bills?

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We are a family, so working with your niece several times would be nice.