We found a kid who escaped her father’s friends during the night.

Christmas Eve is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is a time when many people are out and about. Many of them will already have alcoholic beverages in their hands. There is usually a joyous atmosphere, but it’s not always safe in today’s world.

“My wife and I stepped out of the house to walk to the tree together, to meet our friends for a party. Around the corner, we saw an eight-year-old girl coming out of the house. She looked down at her feet, her boots creaking on the fresh snow. She was dressed pretty light, with no heavy winter coat and no hat in the cold.

“My wife asked me, “Why is the child taking walks alone at this time? Did she have something? Let’s go and ask her.”

“It is likely that her parents are walking somewhere around here. I am sure she came here with her parents. And we are late for our meeting with our friends.” I pointed to the time on my wrist.

My wife stopped, watched her leave after a minute, then followed her quickly.

I don’t know why I could just let this girl go because my wife was right.

As my wife sat by the girl and took her hands, she asked her, “Honey, what are you doing here? Where are your parents?” Strangely, she was not frightened by strangers who had taken the time to ask her questions.

“Dad is at home,” the child said quietly, without looking up.

“And your mother?” I inquired, looking a bit wary.

The girl replied, “Mommy? I don’t know. She’s been with us for a long time. Grandma says she’s in heaven because my dad did that to her.”.

My wife and I were both looking at each other with horror.

I was still trying to convince myself that there was a mistake here and that her dad was looking for her little girl when I asked, “What are you doing here?”.

She answered me with honesty, “I only want to come home for lunch. I left. I walked away.”

Astonished, I asked, “Why lunch?” 

“Because then all of them would leave the house,” she replied.

My wife asked her if she had been banished.

The girl told us, “No, I left myself.”

I called my friends and told them we would not be able to attend the meeting. I promised I would explain everything when I met them. What could I say if I don’t understand myself?

We invited the girl to stay with us for the night as we thought it would be unreasonable to spend the evening outside in the cold. Surprisingly, she didn’t show any fear and even hung out with strangers. This was shocking to me since I was not allowed to speak to strangers even as a child.

Upon returning to the house, she ate a tremendous amount of food. My wife and I were in disbelief. We just asked her what was wrong after she had eaten enough food. She told us her dad’s friends often came to her home. They drink a lot in the kitchen, call her, and touch her everywhere. And when she objects, they beat her. Sometimes women come along. The women do not feel the girl. Instead, they kiss the men and begin touching them all over.

It was then that my wife jumped up from the table quickly and ran into the kitchen. I heard her sobbing away but continued talking to the girl about her problems, and she answered me.

We called a trusted family friend who works in social services the next day, even though no one was working during the holidays. We had no reason to put this off. While she was asleep in another room, we discussed all the questions. Our little one needs to be saved urgently. The girl said she would not want to go back to her dad and see everything again.

We abandoned our plans to take care of the little girl. Police contacted her father. He told us his story. As soon as that monster opened the door, we could barely stand the smell of fumes, spoiled food, and urine. Of course, he told us nothing, and he also denied his guilt.

We are in the process of adopting our beautiful future daughter. For now, the little girl is living with a foster family while her biological father is in a detention center.

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We found a kid who escaped her father’s friends during the night.