We should always talk about our intentions.

Mom and I live together, without my father. I’ve never met him yet because they both made a mistake that forever altered my life when they were young. When two people make a mistake, the child is affected. I’ll tell you the story now.

After they had been out on a walk one evening, my mother was impressed with him and became attached. They lived together after seeing each other for a month or two. When she moved into an apartment with her boyfriend, Michael, my mother described herself as attractive and outstanding. My father was about the same age, famous at university, and very handsome. They had both been in the same class and somehow ended up in the same company. As time went on, they became friends, and eventually boyfriend and girlfriend.

Michael lived alone while his parents worked abroad. 

“I am assuming that they will be there for a very long time,” said Michael. When he used to talk to his family on the phone, he never mentioned my mother, Olivia, to them.

“Do you want to introduce us personally? Tell them to come over?” my mother pondered this question but did not directly ask.

She cooked for him, cleaned his house, and lived together for about two years. When the girls saw that Mother had taken the best-looking man, they envied her.

Michael and my mother rarely discussed their relationship. 

My mother thought, “We live together, so that means we’re getting married soon,” but my father was not aware of the thought. My father was not aware of the consequences of their relationship.

One day, Mom tested positive for pregnancy. She was thrilled to have a child. She loved her father, and it seemed to her that everything was true to her and that the child was the fruit of love. So she told Michael the excellent news. She handed him the pregnancy test with tears in her eyes, which he acknowledged with an odd facial expression.

My mother thought, “He is happy, just worried.” 

It would appear that the father was worried, not happy. He did not want the child, and he did not expect it soon. When he moved in with my mother, he did not think about marriage, family, or children. My father counted on a homely girl at home, someone who would care for him, clean, and provide for all his needs but not build a family.

“I thought you and I had an open relationship,” he said, looking at the test in his hands. “So what will you do with this now?” he asked.

As his wording implies, the child would be my mother’s responsibility. He hurt her feelings. She was bitter and not interested in seeing Michael or having anything to do with him anymore. She packed up her things and left. He would call and try and meet and talk again on several occasions, but my mother was furious and offended, so she would never see him again.

The situation shows how we must leave no stone unturned when communicating our intentions and desires. Michael only wanted an open relationship because he knew that later my mom would go. And she didn’t say anything to him because she expected his initiative.

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We should always talk about our intentions.