We’ll marry, but we’ll keep it a secret

Her name was Alice, and she was a beautiful girl. Boys always seemed to pay attention to her. Because the office was in the city and she lived in the village, she took the bus to work every day.

Alice spotted a girl riding a bus home from work and decided to approach her.

She realized that girl was her sister, who lived in a nearby village. Since they hadn’t seen each other for a while, they didn’t immediately recognize each other.

Alice learned her sister was on a business trip from her words. During the bus ride, she was accompanied by a very handsome young man, her colleague. She caught his eye, and he offered his help.

Vance was a muscular and handsome young man, and it was apparent that he participated in sports. In the ensuing period, Alice was attracted to Vance. A short time later, Vance invited the girl to enjoy a cup of coffee together. The girl graciously agreed, and they have been dating since then.

So, they started dating and had romantic evenings for two together. Her boyfriend gave her flowers. A couple of days later, he gave her another bouquet. Then he did it again. As a result, Alice no longer had enough vases to hold all the bouquets her boyfriend was giving to her. He was very attentive to her needs throughout their time together and always complimented her.

They were having their usual meeting, and Vance had something on his mind. As soon as they finished their meal at the restaurant, he invited her to take a walk in the park so that it would be less crowded. A young man kneeled in front of the girl and declared his love for her, proposing to marry her.

The man was very persistent and wanted to know the answer as soon as possible. She was concerned because Alina wanted to share it with her family, but her boyfriend was against it.

She was asked to tell him if she wanted to marry him immediately, without talking to or consulting with her parents first. That seemed strange to her once again. “It’s important to inform relatives about this,” Alice replied.

Her parents came from abroad and wanted to spend some time at home with her. This was what the girl said to Vance.

However, he did not think it was relevant because he thought they were back to prepare for the wedding. Therefore, he did not pick up the phone the next day.

There’s been no word from Alice’s boyfriend for two weeks. However, it turned out that he had called her once. Although Alice did not hear the ring, she did see a missed call. After seeing the missed call, she decided not to call.

Her thoughts led her to conclude that Vance had no feelings for her. It was moving so quickly that she couldn’t figure out where it was going and how it would end.

Her boyfriend had disappeared, which was not a big deal to her. It made her life easier because she realized that this wasn’t her story.

A week later, friends said they saw Vance with another woman. Vance was known to switch girlfriends often. And there were several stories of Vance changing girlfriends from time to time.

Alice didn’t comprehend why Vance was so persistent about marrying her and what he wanted at that time.

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We’ll marry, but we’ll keep it a secret