What a weird rule to do nothing

My son Oliver had decided to get married. They dated for a while but never lived together. My son moved to the city a long time ago, and I was invited to live with them in the same condo, but my husband and I are very fond of nature and could not see how we could live among high-rise buildings and roads, so we remained in our small town.

We have spent a lot of time camping with our son since he was young and was taught to appreciate the beauty of nature. We go to lakes, mountains, and forests, and pitch tents. It’s just a fantastic experience that you will not be able to forget.

The summer is here, so we decided that it would be a great idea to go out with our son and his fiancée. If she got to know more about our interests and got to know us better, this kind of atmosphere would bind us together.

On such a vacation we need many different things: tents, sleeping bags, tables, chairs, sunshades. My husband also owns a rowboat, as he loves fishing with our sons, so we decided to drive two cars during our trip to be more comfortable.

There is no doubt that we will need a lot of supplies, including food. We will spend two nights by the water, and there are no shops around the lake, so we packed a lot of stuff.

As soon as we arrived at the campsite, we pulled out our belongings, set up the tents, and the boys set up the boat and began fishing. Since the boys were hungry when they arrived, I had to prepare veggies for barbecue, cut and marinate the meat, some trinkets, wash dishes, etc.

During the preparation of the marinade for the meat, Irene, Oliver’s girlfriend, sat in a chair with a book in her hands.

Then I turned to my daughter-in-law and said, “Irene, please wash the vegetables.” I did not receive any reaction from her.

“Perhaps she is just very interested in the book,” I thought, so I repeated my request. As I put my hand on her shoulder, I said, “Wash the vegetables; Irene, the guys will be back soon.”

I looked up at the girl, and she replied, “Miss Tiffany, we are on vacation. I have a rule never to do anything except relax when I am on vacation. Moreover, you are the one who invited me, so all the duties fall on you.” The girl smiled and continued to read, and I had no idea what to say to her.

Irene believed I wanted her to be my maid. Because I didn’t intend to clash, I handled everything myself. Boys swam ashore because they had to grill the meat. Luckily, in our family, the men usually roast the meat. I sat down on a chair and rested for a while. Irene was still reading.

I did not know how to respond to such behavior; why should someone relax while everyone else is working? I, too, desire to sunbathe here. However, I would like everyone to feel comfortable here so that everyone may be fulfilled and happy. May I lie down and wait for someone to prepare food while enjoying my evening?

As the boys grilled the meat, I cut cucumbers and served the plates. My son probably felt awkward about not helping, so he joined me in cutting vegetables. Irene was already seated at the table and was waiting for the meat. After everyone ate and the table was clean, Irene headed to the tent. I thought he would talk to her, but he did not.

My husband and sons left for fishing at 3 am because they said the fish were pecking in the morning. They fished for a long time and returned at noon. Irene was still asleep, and when she heard the noise outside, she awoke. They brought back a lot of fish that needed cleaning and preparing. Half would be for soup and the other half for the grill. I cleaned up the fish because no one helped, and my husband and sons decided to sleep.

It seems that Irene did not help me at all. My boys had already woken up, breakfast was on the table, and fish was roasting on the grill. All the while, Irene had been swimming and then returned to dry her head, and then she returned to swimming again and came back to relax.

I was irritated by my daughter-in-law’s attitude towards resting because it isn’t normal for someone to relax while someone else works and is trying to make everyone happy at the same time.

I think my daughter-in-law might have a point. Maybe she is right, and she should take the time to unwind without doing anything. My husband and I were the ones who organized the trip, and we had to take care of everything. This is my first trip of this type.

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What a weird rule to do nothing