What’s worse, early or late motherhood?

It would seem that the challenges of late motherhood come with too many flaws. However, the same can be said of early motherhood. It all depends on a person’s willpower, mood, and abilities.

At the age of 17, a girl named Nancy became pregnant. At the age of 18, she gave birth to a child. Giving birth was fairly easy since the woman’s body was relatively young and strong. This is probably the only advantage a woman can have.

A little angel, who was named Samuel, was born into the world. Of course, he was loved very much, but he also caused her to lose a lot. She could not complete her studies, but she could also expect no regular employment in the future.

As a result of Nancy’s weakness, she did not want to continue working on her career. As a result, she lost all opportunities. The man she got pregnant with left her without a marriage proposal. So she didn’t have any other meaningful relationships. Her mother and grandfather provided for her. However, Sam did not suffer because he was surrounded by unconditional love without material goods.

Because Sam’s grandparents had no money and had to go to school, they could not afford to buy him school supplies of high quality. They bought him a cheap uniform and a few pens and notebooks.

Because children today are cruel, Sam is often bullied. This is due to both his poverty and his thinness.

From these stories, it can be seen that mothers such as these often have unhappy futures. Therefore, a mother should be responsible for herself and her family by having a good job and home before giving birth to a child. 

Which do you think is the best time for a woman to become a mother? When is the best time for a woman to become pregnant?

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What’s worse, early or late motherhood?