When you have an apartment in the center of the capital, all your relatives will suddenly decide to visit you

My parents work abroad and make a comfortable living. My parents gave me a massive house in Washington DC for my 25th birthday. I already have a home in DC, but this new place is more charming. After I had lived there for a few months, I decided to rent it out and get a good passive income from it.

Earlier this week, I signed a lease with the tenants. I got a call from a distant relative I last saw when I was a teenager.

I received a text from a relative saying, “Hi! How are you? Are you on vacation? Come meet us in DC. We were so bored that we immediately came to see you. We are already on the way; we will be there in two hours; send me the address,” she said.

It would be an understatement to say I was shocked when I heard this news. Why didn’t she tell me earlier? At least I would try to find a place for them to stay if that were possible. How would they manage if I weren’t in the city these days? Or maybe I have some planned activities that I could not cancel today?

However, I didn’t want to think badly of them even in my mind since they’re family. They deserve a warm welcome. So, I ran to the grocery store, cooked, and ordered more pizza. They’ve come a long way; they’ll need food and rest. It just occurred to me that my friends also rent houses and condos. A few of them do so daily. After ten calls, I found someone who had an available place for them to stay. This is the time of year when Washington DC is the most popular tourist destination. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy themselves in the capital of the United States during the summer.

I heard the doorbell ring. Seeing her, there was a joy for me. I embraced everyone one by one. I counted five people in all. “Wow,” I think to myself, “where do I put them in my tiny kitchen?”

“Come on in. Leave your things here. Go to the kitchen and wash your hands before going to the table. I don’t have much space. This is only a one-bedroom house. But we can still have lunch.”

All of my relatives got inside my house, and immediately, their moods changed.

“And where is your big house?” they asked. “We came to you because my daughter, a blogger, wanted to change the blog’s location to increase her subscribers. So we wanted to help her out, and they want to stay with you for a week or two.”

I realized that I had been deceived right then and there! This is why they made their way to see me right away! The reason they are here is that my house is huge.

Despite the disappointment I felt, I did not show it. Instead, I invited them over for lunch and then to dinner. My big house had been rented out, and my tenants have lived there for six months now, so I have had enough of this tiny home. However, I still live by myself here in this little house. Even though my aunt offered to evict them because they probably have not gotten their stuff sorted out, I did not like the idea.

“Then we will be able to rent the house again after we leave,” said my aunt.

I explained that there was a contract with tenants, and I could not terminate the agreement without a very valid reason. Since I already had a place for my family to live for rent, I told them that I wouldn’t leave them on the street. It is a good apartment, well maintained, and a 15-minute walk from the city’s center. I thought that everyone would feel comfortable staying there. In addition, the owner offered us a discount as a gesture of friendship.

“It comforts me to know I am still paying rent? Maybe you have a different concept of family than we do. We thought we would come here, and each room would have its privacy, and we would have a beautiful view of your lovely garden! But you … you demand money from us! Look at her!”

The children and her husband were told to pack up so they could leave the house.

The extent of my disappointment was unimaginable. The insults she had hurled at me were genuinely incomprehensible. To this day, I cannot fathom why she would do that. Could it be for me to live my life the way I wish to? Does it have anything to do with the fact that I did not kick out the tenants in the house for the sake of my relatives? As odd as it may seem, my relatives did not want to be friends with me until my parents bought me a big house.

It’s not like I owe anyone anything. I don’t like it when my family behaves like that. Having my family’s title doesn’t give them the right to demand anything from me.

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When you have an apartment in the center of the capital, all your relatives will suddenly decide to visit you