Where to find the truth?

My wife Kate and I met when we were both twenty years old. We fell in love at first sight. We did not date for long, and I proposed soon.

After getting married, we bought an apartment. All went well: we had no quarrels or misunderstandings, I quickly found a good job, and we bought a car. One thing bothered us — we had no children, although we had been married for almost two years.

I was thrilled when Kate got pregnant. Soon, our son was born, whom we adored dearly. Kate took care of our household, cooked, looked after the boy, and stayed at home when I took a business trip.

I did not find my wife at home when I returned from the trip earlier. Our son’s grandmother, who lived next door, was babysitting him. I found out that his grandma used to babysit our son when I was away. 

When I left for a business trip, my spouse called her mother to look after our son, and she would leave the house.

When Kate returned home after being gone for two whole days, she defended herself and explained that she spent time with her friend because she was tired of being alone. I understood and forgave her.

I was thrilled when Kate told me she was pregnant again a month later. I have long dreamed of having a second child.

Soon after our daughter was born, Kate changed — she started raising her voice and continually looked for reasons to argue; everything made her angry. I did my best to avoid conflicts; I thought it was just hormones, and she needed time; I gave her gifts and planned romantic evenings. But nothing worked.

My son was four years old, and the daughter was one and half years old when a neighbor who was babysitting them commented that my son looked like me and that my daughter was different.

The words she said made me think about it. Maybe my wife’s attitude was for a reason? Perhaps she is struggling with guilt?

To find out, I did a DNA test on both children of mine. The results of the analysis shocked me. The eldest son was 99% mine, but the daughter was not. I could not forgive this — I filed for divorce.

I have a problem now. How should I deal with my daughter? I consider her my own. Should I tell my parents? Though they will not give up their grandchildren, it would be a severe shock for them. I have to be honest with them and my wife’s parents.

But where should I begin? What should I say? When I give my son the news that his mother and I are divorcing, how should I explain it? Although I am unsure where to start and what will happen, I do know that I don’t want to live with a liar and a cheater.

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Where to find the truth?