Why you shouldn’t borrow money from your parents

For a long time, my dream has been a large and cozy house near the city.  A small garden with a few fruit trees, small beds, a swimming pool and a barbecue.  Here you could relax on the weekend, and the children would enjoy the fresh air and their own strawberries.  And I made that dream come true, but it wasn’t that easy.

After the wedding, we bought a two-room apartment on the block of flats: spacious, cozy, bright and comfortable.  What more did we need?  But after the birth of our daughter, we realized that in the summer in a smoky city it is simply unbearable, and it would be easier for my wife outside the city – without elevators, stairs and excessive noise.

So we decided to buy a small house a few miles from the city.  The house was old, but a very favorable price.  We bought it and decided to renovate it a bit and improve it and maybe even rebuild it.

We were saving on everything: rest, travel, new clothes and trips to the restaurant, we wanted to finish the renovation as soon as possible.  First, we poured the foundations.  And Mia’s  parents helped us with that.

We laid new foundations, replaced the roof, plastered it, but the house outside didn’t look pretty.  We continued to collect money, but at the same time we spent the night in a new house.

And then the in-laws decided to help, they offered to lend us money for a car.  We were glad.

Everything would be fine, if not for one fact, the in-laws began to believe that they had the right to the house.  Overall they’ve invested money in it, so part of it is up to them. One day we came for the weekend and my father-in-law and his friends are having a barbecue there.  All rooms are occupied there was nothing else for us to do but go home.

Later we had a serious conversation about not bringing strangers home.  It seemed that they agreed, but new problems started, parents began to decide what and how to do at home, what curtains to hang, what to plants to plant.  In the end, we all argued, and Mia offered to replace all the locks and pay off the debt. We already had some savings and borrowed the missing amount from a friend.

We didn’t want to argue with our in-laws, but shouldn’t they respect our borders?  We just want to live our own life, in our own home.

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 Why you shouldn’t borrow money from your parents