Working free isn’t my thing.

I’m an administrator in a restaurant in my day job, so everything my boss does not do falls on me; I don’t complain. But recently, the restaurant owner decided to give me some of his responsibilities, including preparing documents and delivering them to the owner.

“I told you I wouldn’t do the extra work for free. First, I don’t understand this at all, and second, I have my own life and don’t want to spend all my free time doing the work of a leader.”

“I want you to have a positive attitude at all times!” My boss was furious at my rejection.

“I always have a positive attitude and strive to improve the restaurant’s service to satisfy customers, and employees never complain that they are not doing well.” Answered I.

“Let the waiter take the documents to another office!” My boss yelled.

I suddenly realized that the waiter also had responsibilities, and if she left for another office, I would be responsible for completing her duties. Moreover, will I have to pay for her trip to another office by taxi? My boss didn’t mention anything about the taxi fare.

It seems that I have no idea how to handle the restaurant manager. I do not want to work as an enslaved person to make my manager happy. Does it matter that I will be treated better if I accomplish her duties instead of the leader’s, disregarding my free time? I love my job; I like to interact with people and deal with administrative paperwork but working for free isn’t my thing. I hope this situation will be resolved. 

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Working free isn’t my thing.