You can affect men’s self-esteem pretty easily

I know that Vincent is a big football fan. Most of his friends are football fans, and football has become a part of the world that Vincent lives in. He often goes to football matches with his friends, and twice he has been abroad when football games were played. Some of his friends like to gather at our house. We have an enormous place, and there is enough space for everyone. We have a bedroom and our office. There is a huge TV, a sofa and some armchairs. They are relaxing with friends in that room.

His friends brought beer, dried beef jerky, fish, crayfish, and chips to watch the game with him. Although we live in a house, there was general noise, screaming, and chaos coming from it, which our neighbors may have heard. After midnight, I was scheduled to leave for work the next day, so I decided to rest. However, because of the noise, it was nearly impossible to sleep. When I entered their room, my first reaction was that I asked them to be quieter, but when I saw what was happening, my heart sank: the table was covered with fish scales, chips, and crayfish remains.

I was familiar with the situation in which the smell of it would be in the whole house if it were left unattended on the table until morning, so I added, “Enjoy your time. Just don’t forget to clean up the table when you’re finished.”

Suddenly, I heard indignant comments about my request, so I closed the door to the room.

“What kind of relationship are we having here, Vince?” the first comment I heard was from my husband’s friend Sam. His wife is a lovely and pleasant person, and she loves and respects him, so what he said was not surprising.

“Yes, I agree,” the other friend of my husband said. “What is the purpose of making you do women’s work? Shouldn’t she be the one cleaning the table, to begin with?”

The comments shocked me because I don’t think household chores are exclusively women’s responsibilities, but men don’t think so. My husband was silent and didn’t respond, and my sister’s husband wasn’t heard either. I know responsibilities are shared in their family. He probably didn’t want to cause a conflict, or maybe he didn’t want to leave the gathering.

I only know that my husband was distraught in the morning. He asked me, “Maria, how could you do such a thing to me? Why did you humiliate me in front of my friends?”

As a result of the words Vincent used, I was upset. I don’t know when housework became the responsibility of women exclusively. Do you think a man suddenly transforms into a woman if he does the dishes? Honestly, I don’t know when men became so sensitive and vulnerable. Ever wonder why the self-esteem of men has fallen to such low levels? Could you please elaborate on your opinion about taking a man’s dish off the table? Is it considered offensive?

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You can affect men’s self-esteem pretty easily