Your daughter spends all of her stipend money on food.

I have a sister named Vanessa; two years older than me. Our town has no universities. My sister had to relocate to the big city.

Maybe she will be able to find an excellent job in the capital if she moves there.

She looked for an apartment for the first time. But then my sister and my mom met our dad’s cousin. His wife and their 7-month-old son live in a big apartment in the capital. It was my uncle Dan who suggested Vanessa move in. It would give her time to get used to the city. It would not make her life easier while she is staying with them. His family assured them that my sister would not be charged rent or food. The uncle suggested that Vanessa take care of the child as an appreciation for the free rent.

When mom and sister arrived, they were thrilled. As soon as Vanessa gathered her belongings, she left.

The first time everything was just right. My sister called us and said she was happy with life in the capital. That made us happy.

But then she scared us a few months later. She cried while she was on the phone. She said she was moving into a dorm. So, we called my uncle.

He was very aggressive, constantly shouting into the phone. I heard the phrase.

My uncle says, “Your wicked daughter spends all her stipend money on food and lives with us for free. She won’t help.”

Vanessa’s parents went to the capital right away to check on her; I went with them because I was scared.

The sister began to tell us how her uncle lives. Dan works every day. His wife doesn’t cook much because her husband isn’t home. This did not bother Vanessa, although she would have liked to eat something. She was always studying and was awarded a scholarship. It was just enough to eat a little bit.

In addition, Vanessa was always asked to look after the child while Dan’s wife handled all her affairs. Occasionally, the uncle’s wife would go out for lunch and then come back late at night. This affected my sister’s grades. She didn’t have time to study.

Vanessa didn’t complain right away. Her relatives gave her housing, so she was happy to help. After a while, it happened so often that Vanessa started to get frustrated. Her schedule was full.

Vanessa’s classes got more demanding and more challenging. Every class required her full attention. Eventually, she asked her uncle and wife not to bother her for at least two weeks. They did not bother. Vanessa didn’t want to argue, but she had no choice but to refuse to take care of the child again. They started a scandal, accusing my sister of living with them for free and not wanting to help. Vanessa listened to it, packed her things, and moved to the dorm.

Occasionally, the family wants to help but takes advantage of the situation. Everyone can learn from others’ mistakes. That is why, when I go off to university, I will only focus on myself. Under no circumstances will I live with relatives, especially for free.

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Your daughter spends all of her stipend money on food.