Your words shape your wife’s attitude.

I was talking to a friend once. He, as usual, began to blame his wife. This has gone on since they were married, and I am tired of it.

“Nothing is exciting about her to me! If I put something in the wrong place, she starts complaining and complaining. I can see that she does not care for herself physically. She does not do her hair. She wears gray or black sweatshirts, nothing sexy.” My friend said.

I am taking a moment to think about it. I am sure she doesn’t. He never supports her because he believes that taking care of a household is the woman’s responsibility. She is also caring for a small child. Moreover, he has never appreciated or complimented her.

The words of my friend about his wife came to my mind, “She didn’t do this, and she didn’t do that…”

I asked, “What have you done to change how your wife acts?”

My friend answered, “Well, what did I do? Every day, I work to provide for my family.”

“There is nothing wrong with it, of course. But other things matter, like your attitude, for instance. Imagine that your attitude towards your wife is influenced by what you say about her. Try to change yourself, and perhaps she will too.” I suggested that my friend change his attitude towards his wife.

Now I wonder how often that happens. We don’t look at our role in life but judge others instead. However, would our problems disappear if someone near us changed? No. Instead, people get involved in a specific spiral. They do something wrong because they are blamed and accused of doing something wrong.

At least a few of us must think about ourselves and who have feelings, thoughts, and needs. It is pointless to point the finger at anyone, for this will not help. Instead, it will make things worse.

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Your words shape your wife’s attitude.