The infant’s sermon

What stupid people are surrounding me?  We have been talking to each other in different languages ​​for thirty days.  For example, yesterday. I was so angry my back was wet from sweat.  In the night, I shout to them.

You don’t have to love me anymore, so that the girl, instead of a dry diaper on her bottom that she should be stuffed with a pacifier in her mouth. The diaper will not fix it from this.  Of course I spat it out.

I keep telling them I’m wet.  They don’t hear.  The girl peed!!! Did not work.  Am I a girl by the way?  I’ll wiggle to see if nothing is disturbing my diaper.  Yes, I am relieved I’m a girl. What is this sleepy face?  “Want to eat” I want to be dry!  Am I speaking too softly?  I’ll try better.  A-a-a!  A-a-a!

Already three sleepy faces.  They’re trying to understand me.  No, it’s actually either Indian or Latin.  What’s that, what’s ti-ti-ti again?  I speak English, change me sleepyheads!  But I can’t believe it, they gave me a pacifier again.  Oh no, when I grow up, I’ll show them …

Well!  At last someone wise showed up.  Diaper, he says has to be checked.  Come on, you’ll be shocked!  Oh, I was right.  You can go crazy.  Wait a minute, do you have to undress me?  And the technology of changing diapers so that you don’t take off your clothes?  Okay, damn it.  Disassembled.  Oh that’s so cool.  Let’s get dressed faster.  Come on comedians, what are you looking at?  Ah, are you happy?  Okay.  However, a warm diaper is fun.  I want you to eat something.  I want to eat!!!!

I can’t stand it, God sent me fools!  Well, hell “Diaper again”?  Uh.  I repeat with syllables and loudly No-oh!!!  Wait, wait, where are you taking the diaper off again, what are you?  Surprised?  There is nothing?  You have it !!  Oh yeah, yeah !!!  You want to eat.  Oh!  Again the same wise woman says, maybe she wants to eat?  Good job, smart.  It will be the most important.  I feel that she is wise, she is talking to this fool do this and that and this and ten more things.  Well, I am definitely right.  She is the most important here.

Oh, how tasty, delicious.  Great … I feel like sleeping.  Take a nap or what?  Give me a pacifier.  Pacifier, give me. Who I’m talking to?  Uh!  Here!  Even the fool understood. They grow up, that’s fine.  Tomorrow I will get up in the morning, I will continue to raise them.

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The infant’s sermon