I will not squint my eyes, a mess in my head.

I’m dialing the number, I can’t think … Hi, there were two dashes on the test … Beep, uniform signal … I won’t squint … Positive … What to do now?  How do I finish my studies?  God, how do I tell my parents?  His heart pops out of his chest, and he has no delegation, unfortunately … It’s terrible how … Such a mess in my head … I dialed his number, still the same signal …:

Hi, honey … I’m sorry to disturb you … I can’t think anymore … I guess I’m pregnant … I’m crying … What are we going to do now?

You better sit down.

Hi sunshine, now get a grip and go rest, and tomorrow I will be there and we will submit the paperwork to the Registry Office, then I will call my dad and say: “Hello, grandpa!”

The next day he really did come with a huge bouquet of pink roses and a teddy bear. Now we have a lovely little one … who, by the way is already screaming “Ma-ma!”

And I finished my studies, once again I found out that nothing in life is terrible if you have a worthy man next to you.

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I will not squint my eyes, a mess in my head.